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The tears that do not fall

This was originally posted here . When I was younger I vowed to stop crying. I was 14 and I had decided that men were not supposed to cry. I can remember the events that led to that decision. I was one of those people who didn't just cry, if I cried it was all encompassing and it just wracked my body. Not every time, but enough that I felt it in every part of my body. I think that the final moment came as a result of my cousin's funeral. Typically Jewish funerals have a closed casket, but this one didn't. I remember seeing my cousin's body and watching her son cry, he is seven years older than I am and I always looked up to him. The moment just hit me hard, it rocked my world and I had trouble staying composed. I wasn't scared, just sad, so sad for my cousin and sad for myself. As my grandfather drove me back to the house for shiva I was crying. He didn't condemn me or make me feel badly, he tried to make me feel better. But it was enough that he was not c

Some Stories that Caught My Eye

Lottery Winners Bad Luck "Steve Granger, 53, of Henderson, N.C., won $900,000 in the West Virginia Lottery "All of a sudden everybody knows your business, everybody knows what you have," Granger says. At a party recently, Granger heard someone say in an ugly tone, "There go those lottery people," as he and his wife passed by. A man he hardly knew asked him to invest in a gold mine. "I went through a phase where everybody was grabbing me thinking I was going to give them luck," he says. Within days of winning a $41 million share of a Powerball jackpot in 2001, Patricia and Erwin Wales of Buxton, Maine, were sued by co-workers who claimed to be co-winners. The lawsuit was dropped, but lawyer Terrance Garney said a new beginning for the clerk and the lawn-maintenance man was "not an easy transition." The Waleses were beset with requests by friends they didn't know they had and by investment companies who wanted to handle their money. T

Why Pictures Scare Me

This site proves that there are some memories that just don't want to die. It also shows that there is a bit of a mean streak running through many of us. I readily admit to laughing at some of these photos. But at the same time it reminds me that I need to teach my children to remember that thanks to the Internet some "jokes" have an incredibly long life. In some ways growing up is going to be so very different for them than it was for me and not necessarily for the better or worse. I suppose that it all depends on whether you choose to look at the world through optimistic or pessimitics eyes.

Teacher to Return After Having Sex Change

Did he/she actually pay for surgery. I don't have any problem with sex changes. It is a personal decision. But this picture just kills me. Call me bad, call me evil, but this picture is begging for commentary. For more background click here . On a different note one of my college professors had a sex change, but that is a story for a different day.

Pakistani Kids Rally Over Prophet Cartoons

I have to comment on this. KARACHI, Pakistan - About 5,000 children chanting "Hang those who insulted the prophet" rallied in Pakistan's largest city on Tuesday in the latest protest in the Islamic nation against the publication of cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad.The children, ages 8 to 12, burned a coffin draped in U.S., Israeli and Danish flags at a traffic intersection in the port city of Karachi as police in riot gear looked on. Is there anyone out there who believes that these children were not directed by adults to engage in this protest. Is there anyone out there who wonders what kind of tolerance is being taught to these children. Is there anyone out there who wonders why US and Israeli flags are included at a rally to protest Danish cartoons. "The rally was organized by Jamaat-e-Islami, Pakistan's largest Islamic group. The children, some wearing school uniforms and headbands emblazoned with "God is great," were released from schools to tak

Monday's Roundup- The Apprentice Edition

Ok, I am not really in the mood to do a traditional roundup so I am going to take the lazy way out. The best post of today is about the Supermarket . Read it, love it and live it. There is a pop quiz followed by a mother test at 5. There were about seven posts. More to come in the coming days and following hours, whatever that means. Speaking about The Apprentice, is it just me or do they go out of their way to find some really weird people who they are certain will not fit in. There are always a couple of them.

A Reader Asks

A reader emailed me with a couple of questions. Here are my answers. 1) The most posts I ever posted in a day is 39. 2) I wear a 11.5 or 12 EEE. 3) Taurus. 4) I don't kiss and tell, but since you are asking.......

No Love From Shola- Goodbye Fortune

It has been two or three days now since Shola last contacted me. I guess that I am not going to be as rich as I had hoped . This is not the first time that I was let down . I have a couple of ideas. I was thinking about composing a song in his honor called Shola, Shola, Shola. Or maybe I should compose a story about the fun things that Shola and I could do with all that moola, or should I say mola. Shola and Mola, it rhymes. Oh well, easy come and easy go. I just might respond to the next guy. You never know who wants to talk to the Bishop of Bullfrog.

Is Our Blood Any Less Red- Ilan Halimi

I am really late in covering this. In large part I blame myself and a desire to ignore what I see, but I have waited long enough. Ilan Halimi was kidnapped and tortured by a Muslim gang in France. For 24 days he and his family were tortured. The French government, those fabulous people who a short time ago watched as Muslim youths rampaged throughout the country refused to call this a hate crime. It is only after his death and much media attention that they have begun to call this what it was. Here is a short collection of links about this: OpinionJournal The Murder of Ilan Halimi Michelle Malkin YNET (This quote needs to be highlighted) All is not well in France "The janitor, who lent the gang the empty lodging without notifying the owner, is among the suspects in the ongoing investigation, which everyday seems to reveal a little more of the horror of what took place in the sordid apartment. According to an unofficial source, police came to realize that many in the buil

The Supermarket

I am not a huge fan of shopping, but I don't hate it either. For that matter I kind of enjoy spending time and Trader Joes and Costco . They certainly are better than a crowded mall, unless it is right before a holiday in which case they are just as horrible as every other retail establishment. Supermarkets aren't all that bad either. I can't say that I like them as much as Trader Joes and Costco, but any place that feeds me starts out with a couple of bonus points. All that being said there are some real issues that bug me about them. To begin I want to know why they bother to set up 27 checkout stands as no matter what time/day or how busy they are I can guarantee that only five of them will be manned by a live cashier. That leaves 22 empty stands and several lines. The problem with a line is that it leaves me with plenty of time to stand around and look for ways to entertain myself which usually translates into get in trouble. One day I'll have to share the

Stop Snoring at The Keyboard

USA Today has a story that I a well acquainted with. It is about the large numbers of people who just don't get enough sleep. "Admit it. You're reading this, but given the opportunity, you'd gladly snooze or slumber. For this is a nation in dire need of a nap.Never before have work and play stolen more hours from the sandman. Between a global economy that demands increased productivity and a technology-fueled entertainment machine that provides non-stop diversions, it's a wonder people get any rest at all. An NBC Today show/Zogby International poll indicates nearly half of Americans say they don't get enough sleep and roughly one-quarter get fewer than six hours a night. Data from the National Center for Health Statistics show a 20-year trend of Americans reporting less sleep. Whatever the roots of a sleep problem, from a harried life to a medical condition, people are desperately seeking ways to get some quality shut-eye. (Some have found solace in sleepin

The Butler Didn't Do It

"SAN FRANCISCO - After spending the last decade building its brand around a cartoon character named Jeeves, wants everyone to forget the dainty butler and remember its long-overlooked Internet search engine as the next best thing to Google.To make its point, is jettisoning Jeeves as its corporate mascot on Monday and unveiling a retooled Web site that's designed to make it easier to find and use its search technology. The makeover, which will be supported by an advertising blitz beginning in mid-March, marks the 10-year-old company's latest attempt to be taken more seriously as it tries to catch up with the Internet's top four search engines — Google Inc., Yahoo Inc. (Nasdaq:YHOO - news), Microsoft Corp.'s MSN and Time Warner Inc.'s America Online. also is trying to live up to the high expectations of media tycoon Barry Diller, whose e-commerce conglomerate InterActiveCorp bought the Oakland, Calif.-based company for $2.3 billion la

Music for a Sunday Evening

I was pleasantly surprised to learn that these snapshots of the music I listened to are among my most popular posts. Here is a look at what I enjoyed this evening. Grapefruit - Juicy Fruit Jimmy Buffett Where Did Our Love Go The Supremes Keeping The Faith Billy Joel Hey Jude The Beatles Molly Malone Sinéad O'Connor Ain't No Mountain High Enough Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Asking For It Hole Celeste Aida (From Aida) Richard Tucker Hot Pants James Brown What Is And What Should Never Be Led Zeppelin Do You Wanna Hold Me? Bow Wow Wow Burning Down The House Talking Heads Mercy Street Peter Gabriel Mack The Knife Ella Fitzgerald The Devil Went Down To Georgia The Charlie Daniels Band Ball n' Chain Big Mama Thornton Subdivisions Rush Galbi Ofra Haza London Calling The Clash Those Were the Days The Three Tenors Suspicious Minds Elvis Presley

Why I Blog

This was originally posted last December but I thought that it fits with the prior post and thought that I'd throw it up again. Why do I blog. Why do I spend so much time sitting here at the computer staring a monitor that is filled with the fingerprints of tiny people. Why do I surf the net and engage in 21st century voyeurism. The very simple reason is that I derive a tremendous sense of joy and satisfaction from using words to express my thoughts. I have a great love for the language and I appreciate those people who can use words to construct a mental image. I appreciate their ability and craftmanship and wonder how it is they can take my mind and send it on a journey out of my body and into another world. For surely it is a bit escapist to sit at the keyboard and scroll down the pages and read about the lives and trials of others. And in a different way I find it comforting. I am part of a community of bloggers, a part of the overall blogosphere and at the same time I am

How I Became a Blogger

Soccer Dad began a thread in which he discusses how he became a blogger. It was interesting to read and so I decided that I might add my own story to this. I began by participating in chat rooms. It was the early '90s and I was enthralled with the idea that I could speak with people around the world with such ease and in real time. I remember using AOL. If I am not mistaken I was on a plan in which I received a small number of hours for about $25 a month and then was required to pay overage fees. It was fairly similar to the current cellphone plans. If I wanted to I could make this a really detailed and longer post but why bore the audience. I graduated from the chat rooms to message boards. There was a period of time that I was exceptionally active on the CNN boards and to a lesser extent on the ABC and New York Times. I learned a lot about the Net and how people behaved. I posted under my real name because it seemed like the appropriate thing to do. But I soon learned that t

Hell, I don't know Where This is Going

Hell, I don't know where this is going or what the hell I am going to say. I am just frustrated and going to rattle off at the mouth, er keyboard. Not that it makes a difference. Found out a while ago that some people had discovered this little corner of cyberspace. They know me and were not all that happy with what they read here. My initial reaction to this was to tell them that if they didn't like it they could go find a hot poker and see how far they could shove it up their tuchus before it became uncomfortable. In some ways I thought of it as serving a purpose because when they removed it I was confident that they would release whatever had crawled up their ass and died. That had to be a good thing, but some infections run deep. I never did express my true feelings. They were given a taste, a small sample similar to the little piece of burrito they might provide you with at Costco. It wasn't easy to restrain myself, to hold back. It is not my nature. I am a bull, a


Freebird- Lynyrd Skynrd "If I leave here tomorrow Would you still remember me? For I must be travelling on, now, 'Cause there's too many places I've got to see. But, if I stayed here with you, girl, Things just couldn't be the same. 'Cause I'm as free as a bird now, And this bird you can not change. Lord knows, I can't change. Bye, bye, its been a sweet love. Though this feeling I can't change. But please don't take it badly, 'Cause Lord knows I'm to blame. But, if I stayed here with you girl, Things just couldn't be the same. Cause I'm as free as a bird now, And this bird you'll never change. And this bird you can not change. Lord knows, I can't change. Lord help me, I can't change."

Discussing Divine Punishment With a Child

Earlier today I engaged in a hit-and-run post in which I asked who was Moshe Rabbeinu's father. The impetus for this was in part a fragmented memory and in part the impact of having watched a movie with my son. The two of us watched Prince of Egypt . The film has some issues but I wasn't going to engage a five-year-old in a discussion of how the filmmakers might have taken some liberties with the movie. Anyway, we watched a watered down version of the Exodus and it generated some tough questions. As the title of the post suggests one of the questions was in relation to divine punishment. It wasn't the easiest topic to discuss as it really is quite involved. There is the question of why people enslave others. That is a pretty serious talk in itself as it incorporates many elements such as prejudice. It actually ties in well with the M.L.K. discussion he and I had last month, but at the same time I try not to throw too many things at him at once. So there we were wit

Ben Stein Says 'We're Losing'

Ben Stein is an interesting guy. I once interviewed him. It was during my senior year of high school but that is a post for a different day. I think that he makes some good points in this essay . "Greeting, fellow Americans. I have some serious news for you about the war against the terrorists, the war we are fighting to protect our liberties and our Constitution against Islamic totalitarianism. We're losing, big time. I don't mean we're losing in Iraq, where our brave men and women are fighting well in difficult conditions and with the home grown doubters at their heels. Nor in Afghanistan, where our men and women in uniform are also fighting brilliantly. No, we are losing our freedom here at home, and in a particularly nasty way. It has to do with those cartoons mocking Mohammed that were published in a Danish publication and have excited riots and burnings across the Moslem world and fear and terror in Europe. The problem here is that some students at the Univers

Computer, Computer, Computer

In an earlier post I mentioned that my 'puter was giving me some real 'tude. After many hours I feel like we have come closer to a negotiated settlement. There are still issues. I added some software and removed others. I dug and dragged, pointed, clicked, kicked, screamed, cursed and yelled at it. But we seem to have made progress. It is not behaving like the good little computer it used to be. It acts like a teenager with raging hormones. Sometimes it is perfect and sometimes it is horrid, but the little blue tower is all mine and I can't help but love it. Now I just have to teach it some respect and we'll be set.

It Made Me Say WTF

I received an anonymous comment from someone that was just so bizarre I am provding a whole post about it. I don't know what to make of this. By the way I see that the nutter is making the rounds . Jesus Christ is a false god. At best all Christians can hope for is partial credit. Program on the emergence of civilization. "14 species of large animals capable of domesitcation in the history of mankind. 13 from Europe, Asia and northern Africa. None from the sub-Saharan African continent. " Favor. And disfavor. They point out Africans’ failed attempts to domesticate the elephant and zebra, the latter being an animal they illustrate that had utmost importance for it's applicability in transformation from a hunting/gathering to agrarian-based civilization. The roots of racism are not of this earth. Austrailia, aboriginals:::No domesticable animals. The North American continent had none. Now 99% of that population is gone. AIDS in Africa. Organizational Heirarchy

Authors Who Lose Their Muse

I love to read. A good book is one of the great pleasures in life. It provides you with a glimpse into a different world. It is a chance to escape and visit far away places. It is an opportunity to interact with the exotic and unfamiliar as well as a chance to educate you about things/people/places you might not encounter. As someone who has a passing interest in writing I have a strong interest in following the work of my favorite writers. I spent a few minutes trying to determine just how many books that I have read in my life. To be honest I want to say more than 10,000 but that sounds like it might be a little high. Just for kicks lets reduce that dramatically to a thousand. Out of that 1000 I have read multiple series. Typically there are one or two books in a series that are much weaker than the others. I would speculate that these are books that really weren't meant to be standalone but were forced upon the public due to monetary reasons and or because their inclusion i

Don Knotts- Rest In Peace

"LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Don Knotts, who kept generations of TV audiences laughing as bumbling Deputy Barney Fife on "The Andy Griffith Show" and would-be swinger landlord Ralph Furley on "Three's Company," has died. He was 81." Thanks for making me smile, not to mention making me son smile during your guest appearances on Scooby Doo.

My Application for Shola

If you are new to this story click here first . I think that this is about the sixth in the series. Not sure because I am not really counting. Shola sent me a new email. Here is what it said: Dear Jack Good morning ,You can use any Bank of your choice that you that is trusted, Please confirm if you received my international Passport I sent to you yesterday, Replay Shola Here is my reply Dear Shola, I apologize for the delayed response but I have been having extreme computer problems. I spent many hours checking into these matters and had to employ the esteemed computer technician Scooby Doo to investigate what was causing this issue. I was told that it was a computer virus and it was suggested that it was received when I opened your note with your passport. This upset me greatly and I considered ending our relationship. However as you may remember I am a follower and true believer of the Church of The TreeFrog and hold the position of Bishop of BullFrog. As a holy man I do not

Computer Nightmare

I am working off of my laptop right now. It is not how I typically work as I prefer to use my desktop, but something has happened to it. I am not sure what it is and am attempting to diagnose it. What I know for certain is that it is not working. It is only through a lot of scrambling and crap that I got this thing up and running. Funny how important a bunch of keys and wires have become to me. All I know is that this is going to cost me money. I can feel it. I am praying that my hard drive didn't decide to commit suicide today.

For Shola

I just sent this email off to Shola. It is in response to the one he sent me along with his passport. Hi Shola, I am trying to decide which bank we should use for this as I bank with several. Cleveland Bank of Plunder and Spoil 1313 Mockingbird Lane Cleveland, Ohio 44102 Personal Agent: Herman Munster Barnacle Bob Bank of Mistrust 4 Is the Square Root of 16 Lane Toledo, Ohio 44104 Personal Agent: Barney Fife Dinah Mite Financial 69 Comelickmeclean Road Bustedtuchus, Ohio 44018 Personal Agent: Hawkeye Pierce Do you have any thoughts or suggestions as to which one you think would be easiest to work with? I have had many interactions with Mr. Munster as when I was young I used to watch him. So perhaps it might make sense to work with his institution of deceit, deception, distrust and dismay. -Jack

The J-Blogosphere is Not Dying

Contrary to the opinions of some the J-Blogosphere is not dying or even in a rut. It is undergoing a dynamic and fluid evolution in which some "older" blogs are dropping out of the game. But have no fear because just as we see in life the population is not shrinking. These old blogs are being replaced by new blogs. Some of them are pretty good and some of them are just awful. The hardest thing for me is not running out of content, I can always find material to blog about. No, the bigger challenge is finding time to read and respond. Speaking of which, I have got to run for a bit. See you later.

Shola Still Wants to Work With Me

It appears that my good friend Shola wishes to continue to work with me. The story begins here and then continues here and here . Late last night I received a new email from Shola with a copy of his International Passport and the following message. Dear Jack I’m most grateful for your mail, I seize this opportunity to thank you for coming to my asistant , also let you know that this transaction is a straight forward and legal transaction. I am somebody with a conscience. If this transaction was in any way illegal, I would tell you straight away so that you know what is involved and decide for yourself. But it is not like that at all, and you will later see and understand that. I hope you were not too embarrassed by email to you since I did not answer your questions. I didn't know how much amount (%)we will dispatched to charity organizations, so I resulted to putting fate to test and making a random contact. I have decided to give alms to charity organizations and churche

This Disgusts Me!

This story just infuriates me. There are so many things that are just wrong with these people. There is an old curse that applies to them. They should lose all of their teeth except one, and that remaining tooth should have a toothache. Actually my real wish is more graphic but... 5 States Consider Bans On Protests at Funerals Proposals Aimed at Anti-Gay Demonstrations By Kari Lydersen Washington Post Staff Writer Monday, January 30, 2006; Page A09 CHICAGO -- At least five Midwestern states are considering legislation to ban protests at funerals in response to demonstrations by the Rev. Fred Phelpsand members of his Topeka, Kan.-based Westboro Baptist Church, who have been protesting at funerals of Iraq war casualties because they say the deaths are God's punishment for U.S. tolerance toward gays. Though the soldiers were not gay, the protesters say the deaths, as well as Hurricane Katrina, recent mining disasters and other tragedies are God's signs of displeasure. They als

Who'd Win This Fight

Craig Detractors Bash Blond Bond The article above makes me wonder. If there was a fight between the James Bond fans and and the Star Trek fans who would win. Would we see 1000 Spock s taking on a 1000 Q s? Would Moneypenny fight Lt. Uhura ? These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night. What do you think?

Gladiators Fought By The Rules

I always find stories like this to be interesting. LONDON (Reuters) - Gladiators may have fought and died to entertain others in the brutality of the Roman arena but they appear to have abided by a strict code of conduct which avoided savage violence, forensic scientists say. Tests on the remains of 67 gladiators found in tombs at Ephesus in Turkey, center of power for ancient Rome's eastern empire, show they stuck to well defined rules of combat and avoided gory free-for-alls. Injuries to the front of each skull suggested that each opponent used just one type of weapon per bout of face-to-face contact, two Austrian researchers report in a paper to be published in Forensic Science International. "Savage violence and mutilation, typical of battlefields 2,000 years ago, were out of order. And the losers appear to have died quickly. Despite the fact that most gladiators wore helmets, 10 of the remains showed the fighters had died of squarish hammer-like blows to the side

A 15 Pound Newborn

This is one big baby. "MADRID, Spain - A Colombian woman has given birth to a 15-pound baby, the largest in 40 years in Madrid's main maternity hospital. The 38-year-old mother, identified only as Rosario, had gestational diabetes — which can cause women to give birth to larger-than-usual babies — and a track record. Her first daughter, now nine, weighed 10.2 pounds at birth. The new baby's father, Juan Carlos, said that with another woman he had a daughter that weighed 17 pounds at birth. "They told me it is genetic," he told reporters."

Give Me Time and I will Be Rich, Rich, Rich

Ok, if you remember this story raise your hand. Now take a moment and ask yourself if you remember the sequel to this. If not, go here and catch up. Ready? Good. Shola and I have continued our correspondence. He sent two emails today. Here is the latest installment of it. Dear Jack As attached is my wedding picture, the one with my wife is a traditional marriage day and the one with my wife father and elders during our christian wedding in France,If you like you can send yours as well, Please try fill the Aplication and forward to bank through The directors email or Rose Obi as stated , will give the answer to your questions after I closeing from the office.Please Try and call me on this number +228 939-90-66 as soon as you receive this mail. I wait for your call My Best Regard Shola And then a short time later he sent this note: Please Jack ,I want you to understand that this is not a Mail Joke or Junk Mail, Lates work with understanding to achive this Goal,As I told that t