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Aging Parents

Ah the joy of watching your parents age and seeing their health deteriorate cannot be under or over stated. Bloggers Are “Still” Narcissists Are You Internet Famous Getting Shot Doesn’t Make You A Hero What About The Story You Fear To Write? How To Watch The Olympics How Bloggers Make More Money & Have Better Sex

Remind Me Not To

Remind me not to eat whatever it was that tried to kill me this morning. Tell me that I don't need to spend all that time running to the john because my GI system has declared mutiny. It is not a smart way to prove how tough I am and believe me, I am a tough old bastard not because I want to be, but because I have to be. It is what life pushed me to be and what I agreed to. There are moments I wish it were otherwise. Moments where I wish I could let my guard down and let go but disappointment has followed those moments enough times for me to be hesitant about it. No one likes to be hit and though I can take a shot to the mouth it is not something that interests me, at least not unless there is a reason. If I am protecting those I love I am always willing to take the beating and will give one out on their behalf without exception but most of the time it is just not necessary. The beauty of aging is that you reach a place where you know what you are willing to accept and what y


Two more days until the move and there is still so much to do. Makes me crazy to see how much is left and that is in spite of heavy efforts to get things done. There hasn't been any slacking off or screwing around and yet there is this never ending pile. What makes me craziest is feeling like I am the only one I can rely on to get it done but the thing is. I am not the sole decision maker. I wish I was. It would make life so much easier. So very tired of having to put up with all of the assorted bullshit that comes with this, but I'll do it for now. This is just one more transition and transitions are always filled with a mix of hard work, stress and wonder. And in this case I wonder what this transition is leading to. I have my ideas and thoughts about where, how and when, but since I can't officially see the future I guess I will wait to find out if I am correct.

Sex, Blogs, Social Media and Newsletter

We are back again with another edition of Jack's trying to promote  his content. We have had decent success driving traffic from this blog to the main one so we are going to do it again. The marketing of the blog is a necessary evil because without it your traffic isn't what it could be. Have You Ever Lost Something Precious? The Problem With Niche Blogging 5 Reasons Why Geniuses & Sex Addicts Read My Blog Social Media Is Responsible For Bad Sex What Is The Value Of A Newsletter? Standing On The Outside Looking In

The Race To Crucify Woody Allen

I am waiting for The Onion to write a story about how Woody Allen killed Phillip Seymour Hoffman and the outrage that will most assuredly follow from people who won't bother to check facts. My Facebook feed is still filled with people who know everything about Woody and have decided that they can pass judgment. A few comments: I find this all very troubling. I don't to create an environment that makes it any harder for victims of sexual abuse to come forward nor do I want to establish blanket credibility either. The awful truth is that we know that predators exist and we know that sometimes people lie or stretch the truth. What bothers me the most is how quickly people come to judgment based upon very little information. ++++ I have been a juror several times now and each time I was I watched and listened as personal biases had a significant affect upon the willingness of some jurors to convict or not convict. Don't misunderstand, this is not me saying I am smarter,