Music Sets The Mood

Spent 45 minutes on the treadmill and another 30 slinging weights around. Got my earphones on and the soundtrack to The Dark Knight Returns and Rises playing on a loop.

Add a sneer to my face and a sour expression because I don't see my body instantly transforming in front of me and you have an inkling of an idea about how it went.

But truth be told I was enjoying it and not just because I like being the grumpy old man.

The surge that runs through me when that sweat breaks and I feel my heart beating is invigorating. It gets things going and I feel like I have found a way to turn the clock back just a bit.

It is sort of like Tantalus pushing that rock up the hill, except I haven't quite got that sucker moving the way I want to. So I am rocking it back and forth and thinking that if I fix my diet all will be well.

Fix my diet so that I don't eat as much crap and good things will come. The pants fit a little bit differently already and the shirts do too.

But damn I am so impatient, why can't it happen faster.

The time on the treadmill bores me, but I push through it and come up with ideas to distract me. I think about the serious and the silly.

If I could be a superhero I might choose Batman but I would prefer to be Wolverine. He is more my style.

The sweat is dripping into my eyes and the burning sensation is just about to force me to wipe my brow. But I am not ready because my vision is slightly blurry now and it is giving me ideas for another story. Giving me a new perspective, writing must happen sooner than later.

This Post Is About Sex Between Bloggers

It includes graphic images. All I can say is, damn they are really flexible. An extended move like that might require a visit to a chiropractor, but then again it might be worth it.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Figure 3

If you drink enough Manischewitz Concord Grape you might even be able to imagine the good old days of college.

P.S. If you can't see the pictures hit refresh twice and hop one foot once, but be careful not to upset Spanky Redcheeks and her big black purse.

Confession, there aren't any pictures. Sorry, this is a family blog, sort of.

Second confession, this is linkbait, wanted to see how many visitors I would pull in. But you really ought to visit one of my other blogs.

Sometimes life is far too serious.

When Things Happen

When things happen you can choose to lie down and cry, stand up and walk forward or turn in circles.

Whatever choice you make is one you have to be comfortable living with.

As for me, well I am doing my best to reach out to those I care about to remind them they are important to me and that even though we may not be in contact I hope it doesn't stay that way for long.

Not Yet Dead

I know I keep talking about shutting this joint down so that I can focus my efforts in other areas but this place has some sentimental value to me so I just haven't done it.

Truth is I am not sure this is taking away from anything else so it is more of a question of whether it is hurting anything to keep it open.

There is no rush to to come to a decision so I am not particularly worried or concerned which I suppose is code for I am going to do things in my time. Those who know me would laugh at that because that is usually what I do anyway.

Besides it still seems to bring a steady stream of traffic in to various posts and serves as a useful way to promote the other blog.

The most "popular" post by far is The Heart Wants What The Heart Wants. That receives more traffic than anything else I have written here.

The second most popular post this month is Vocabulary Words #10- Obscure but Interesting.

Kind of interesting to see how very different they are.

And on the other blog the current line up is as follows:


You Can Pick Your Friends But You Can't Pick Your Family

Five minutes is all I am giving to this post and this topic because it is all the time I am willing to give right now. Got all sorts of good stuff, really good stuff going on and I am really excited because I have worked hard for it.

But at the same time I have a few people who are wreaking havoc because it is what they do and I am debating whether to kick their asses verbally because physically is difficult from three states away.

I might ask them to Skype with me just so they can see the look in my eyes and can answer my question to my face.

Or I might ignore them and focus solely upon what I have here because I don't feel like dealing with idiots who aren't related by blood and who aren't smart enough to recognize that dropping hand grenades every where they go creates messes for everyone.

And by god if you are going to suck me into your vortex of crazy I am going to give you reason to shape up or walk around wondering if you will ever not taste shoe leather again.

Reminds me of an old boss of mine who once told me that his secret to success was to get a massage and a blow job at least twice a week.

He is dead now, or so I heard. If he isn't he is about 95 or so which makes me want to call and ask him how that formula is working out for him.

Better yet I'll ask him why limit it to twice a week because if you are going to reach for the moon you might as well grab some stars as you go along.

It is time for me to roll now. Got an appointment at the gym and I want to visit the local Movie Tavern later.

Angry Isn't The Word

Disappointed is. We'll see if we get beyond that. Call it one more reason in a long list.

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Life is nothing if not interesting. Been going through a few things, making changes and overall I like what I see.

There are moments where it is challenging because I feel like I am taking two steps forward and one step back.

I am pushing hard, as hard as I ever have and the results are starting to manifest but sometimes I question things.

Can't help that, it is who I am and what I do. I suppose that is why I don't think there is anything wrong with it.

The only check that I provide with that is the one that tells me whether I am living in the past or the present. The present and the future are all we have and that is why my focus is there.

Yet sometimes we have to look back so that we can see how far we have come and to make sure we aren't repeating the mistakes we once made before.

In Other News

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