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Music Sets The Mood

Spent 45 minutes on the treadmill and another 30 slinging weights around. Got my earphones on and the soundtrack to The Dark Knight Returns and Rises playing on a loop.

Add a sneer to my face and a sour expression because I don't see my body instantly transforming in front of me and you have an inkling of an idea about how it went.

But truth be told I was enjoying it and not just because I like being the grumpy old man.

The surge that runs through me when that sweat breaks and I feel my heart beating is invigorating. It gets things going and I feel like I have found a way to turn the clock back just a bit.

It is sort of like Tantalus pushing that rock up the hill, except I haven't quite got that sucker moving the way I want to. So I am rocking it back and forth and thinking that if I fix my diet all will be well.

Fix my diet so that I don't eat as much crap and good things will come. The pants fit a little bit differently already and the shirts do too.

But damn I am so impatient, why can't it happen faster.

The time on the treadmill bores me, but I push through it and come up with ideas to distract me. I think about the serious and the silly.

If I could be a superhero I might choose Batman but I would prefer to be Wolverine. He is more my style.

The sweat is dripping into my eyes and the burning sensation is just about to force me to wipe my brow. But I am not ready because my vision is slightly blurry now and it is giving me ideas for another story. Giving me a new perspective, writing must happen sooner than later.