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Falling in and Out of Love

In the post below I related part of my friend Jim's story about his divorce. Old Jim surprised me with a telephone call a short while ago in which he asked me to ask my readers a question about love. He would like to know if you fall in and out of love with your spouse throughout a marriage or if you just always know that you are in love with them. There you go Jimmy, lunch is on you.

Hindsight is 20/20 But you Cannot Change the Past

Within the last two days visitors to this blog have seen a number of different things, posts about sex and the impact children have upon it, earthquake news and a couple of cuts off of U2's album The Joshua Tree . It is one of my favorite albums. It came out my senior year of high school and it always brings me nothing but good feelings and great memories. If I close my eyes I can see myself at the beach. There is a group of 25 or 30 of us, girls in bikinis and all of the guys listening to the album. It is one of those moments imprinted on my brain. It is May and we're listening to Where The Streets Have No Name. In a short time we are going to graduate and we're all going to head off to college and the song just feels so right. My girlfriend and I have recently broken up and I am staring hard at a couple of the girls, wondering what it would be like to kiss them. I want to speak with them, but I am too shy. Fast forward to January of 1995. I am back in Israel and wal

Sex, Death, And Crap

I'd like to be asleep. I'd like to just hop into bed and drift off, but I am agitated. I can't quite get my body and mind in sync so I am here at the computer just rambling on about nothing at all. There is a reason why this blog is called random thoughts and you are seeing it. My mind moves at light speed and it is always on. There are times when I get lost in thought, when I drift away from reality for untold amounts of time. It could be an hour, it could be 5 minutes or 5 days, sometimes I am not all that sure. And there are times when I consider it all and wonder just what I was thinking about and then I realize that there was a tremendous volume of information running through my head. There is so much going on that it is like a river which overwhelms the dam, class five rapids here. It is ok, I really haven't known any other way to be. I am who I am. Overall I am quite happy with myself, there are not too many changes to make. If I had to pick one thing it

More Earthquake News

After all of the posts and comments about sex it is time to talk about a different way of making the earth move. I read an article with upated information about the earthquake that led to the December tsunami. Here are some excerpts that grabbed my attention: "PARIS (AFP) - In a reassessment of the December 26 earthquake that unleashed the Indian Ocean killer tsunami, scientists say the quake measured 9.3 on the Richter scale -- more than twice as powerful as originally estimated and the second biggest quake ever recorded. The quake split the ocean floor northward from Sumatra along 1,200 kilometers (750 miles), twice as long as previously thought, according to their research, which appears on Thursday in Nature, the weekly British science journal. The event released so much strain along this particular part of the fault that in theory there should be no quake of similar magnitude, or a similar tsunami, there for another 400 years, said geologists S

Update: Children and Your Sex Life

I have received numerous comments regarding this post . Two of my respondents were women who emailed me about this and said that I could quote them as long as did I not reveal their names because of the sensitive nature of this topic. The general consensus was that they have marriages in which the sex has never decreased because they always make themselves available to their husbands, even when they are tired. "It is not that hard to take care of him. It doesn't have to be a marathon, sometimes it can be quick. It is so easy to do, such an easy way to make him feel special and loved." The other woman said that her friends use their bodies to control their husbands, that they use sex as a tool to leverage things and that she thinks that they are making excuses when they deny their husbands. I rather expect to get some heated remarks to this post, but that is essentially what they shared with me.

Does Having Children Prevent an Active Sex Life

This is a topic that the boys and I have had on a number of occasions. It is usually a night on which we have gathered for an evening without wife or children to just spend a little quiet time for ourselves. We'll drink a few beers, shoot the breeze and at some point in the night we'll notice that there are attractive women walking by. They could be in groups of two or three or walking by themselves. They may or not be pushing strollers. It doesn't matter, there will be something about them that catches our eye and we'll try to be discreet about checking her out. Since our significant others are not included in these affairs we may even spend a few moments talking about the eye candy we have been enjoying. And for a moment we might even quietly fantasize about her, what it would be like to be single and to be able to rejoin the hunt for a brief time. Of course we'll have conveniently forgotten all of the things we didn't like about being single, the fact tha

From Monkey Business to Baby Love

This is a cool story about love and marriage of a different sort. The story is too long to post, but here are a couple of key segments that help to explain it. "Their courtship had an awkward start. She was aloof. He was frustrated. He lunged at her. She backed away. But even in wildlife, there are second chances. A few weeks later, she threw herself at him. He touched her gently. In the confines of a private outdoor enclosure at the Los Angeles Zoo, Minyak and Kalim became the dream couple — two pure Bornean orangutans. They were spotted one day caressing and grooming each other for hours. "It was a pure love fest," said animal keeper Megan Fox. For a week last June, they mated every day. Their coupling would produce one of the zoo's new spring additions and offer testament to the physical prowess of the once sickly and depressed male, Min- yak, and the nurturing skills of the unproven Kalim, the female. Long before the birth,

Scientists Puzzled No Tsunami After Quake

" EWA BEACH , Hawaii - Tsunami experts could not understand why Monday's forceful earthquake off Indonesia failed to produce massive waves similar to those generated by the Dec. 26 quake that killed at least 175,000 people in the same region. A magnitude 8.7 quake shook Indonesia 's west coast, killing hundreds of people and spreading panic that another devastating tsunami was on the way. There was no tsunami, but a small wave was detected by a tide gauge on Cocos Island near Australia , about 1,500 miles south of the epicenter, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center on Oahu . "I'm baffled an earthquake this size didn't trigger a tsunami near the epicenter," said Robert Cessaro, a geophysicist at the center, which is operated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It is responsible for monitoring seismic and ocean conditions in the Pacific and alerting Pacific Rim nations and U.S. agencies, Center Director C

People Have Short Memories

It is a fact of life that people have short memories. In particular I am referring to the various tragedies we have seen, the Tsunami, 911, the Oklahoma City bombing, Columbine etc. I should clarify that for those who lost a loved one or were impacted more directly it probably does not apply with the same strength, but even there I expect we can find it. And by it I mean that as time goes by the memory fades and most people pay less attention to what is going on in these places. They send less money to charitable organizations that were established to help the recovery slow down and sometimes even peter out. I suppose that some of this can be attributed to our coping skills, how we deal with things and move on. Just some thoughts to consider.

Slinging Mud at The Wall To See What Sticks

Ok, I just destroyed an entire post. Eight hundred words were swallowed up by the denizens of cyberspace, those critters that are assigned to eat the words we waste. The words that are not considered good enough, smart enough or cool enough are sent somewhere. I don't know where, I just know that when I highlighted them and hit delete they were gone. One moment they were there and the next, poof. I am not sure what I want to write about but I know that I feel like blogging so here is my compromise, a series of links to posts that caught my eye, some old and some new. Rishon Rishon has an interesting post about language revival. Interesting stuff. Vince had quite an experience with her beau the Park Ranger at the Cracker Barrel . I have never been so I cannot comment on any of this. I have to give credit to Brian for the roundup. He does a weekly roundup that is pretty interesting. I do this when the mood strikes me which is pretty much how I operate. I am just not good about d

The World Cup and the Golden Calf

I have been mulling over a post about what we here in America call soccer and what most of the rest of the world refers to as football. I haven't quite decided what I want to say so like many other posts I am going to just write and we'll see what happens. I am not a huge fan of soccer. I don't find it to be as boring as many people do, but neither do I find it to be the awe inspiring game that so many others seem to think that it is. Some people go nuts, worship it like some kind of sick golden calf. At times it is exceptionally dull and not worth much more than a glance. And based upon the behavior of many it seems to be a good excuse to act like an idiot. How many examples are there of ridiculous behavior known as hooliganism. Elijah Wood stars in a movie called Hooligans that is about the rowdy and obnoxious behavior of fans of this so-called sport. There seems to be no end to the stories that I can find online about idiotic behavior surrounding the game.


That old DovBear tipped me off to this article about evolution . There is yet another foolish argument about evolution and a fight about whether it should be taught in school. Here is a great quote: "But pastor and parent Ray Mummert, 54, explained their point. "If we continue to indoctrinate our young people with non-religious principles, we're headed for an internal destruction of this society," he said. "Evolution is just a theory and there are other theories," Mummert explained, smiling through his beard. "There is such a complexity in life, and science wants to hang its hat on a belief that life somehow started -- they say there is no creator, no order ... I believe there is a creator," he said. Both sides acknowledge the political context of the debate over Darwinism, and the relation to the re-election of staunchly Christian President George W. Bush ( news - web sites ). "Christians are a lot

Terri Schiavo- I Must be a Heartless Killer

I received another piece of fan mail in which I was told that I am a heartless, sociopath because I do not believe that Terri Schiavo is alive in any meaningful way and that I think she has been turned into a political pawn. I am still not going to spend a ton of time writing about my thoughts and feelings on this, in part because I just don't feel strongly enough to do so. But the few moments I give are enough to say again that this case has rolled out a large number of hypocrites. This is not a situation that has to be seen in black and white terms and I argue that if you do you are missing out on the many subtleties and intricacies here. It is not about saying that someone is pro0-death or pro-life. It cannot be boiled down to such a simple description. We have taken the most personal, private and painful moments of a family and placed them on display. We are not providing coverage of the funerals of our servicepeople. We are not watching as wives/children/parent

Someone Else Wants to Make Me Rich

Boy, there is nothing better than knowing that so many people want to make me rich. I just received the email below and cannot wait to go wild. Think of all the monkey business I can get into with this. Hello, I am Mr James Alinco, an auditor of a reputable bank in Johannesburg, Gauteng Province in the Republic of South Africa. I have an urgent and very confidential business proposition for you. We had a foreign client named Mr. Chung, Timothy, who deposited a huge sum of money (18.6 Million United States Dollars), with our bank. Eventually, this client died in a plane crash and since his death we have not had anybody come up for the claims as the next of kin. You may want to take a look at other passengers, who were on the same plane; here is a site for your perusal. A situation I have monitored closely with my position in the bank. Now having monitored this deposit and managed it over the years before his death, and hence nob

A Life of No Regrets

I have spent a large part of my life living a dream. I don't care to explain that in great detail now so I'll climb up onto my soapbox and begin my session of preaching to those who need it and to those in the choir. I am a voracious reader, it is something that I love. I read almost anything, nonfiction, fiction, biographies, science, medical files, legal, this and that. My library is a potpourri of odds and ends, an assortment like Forest Gump's box of chocolates. You don't really know what you are going to find there. My personal library is an area filled with snobbery and high falutin' ideas. It is a place that I can always find solace and sanctuary in, although there have been times where it is hard for me to catch that little thing that makes me smile. I am moody, at times more high strung than laidback and then the exact opposite. A dear friend calls me consistent in my contradictions. If nothing else I am longwinded and not as concise as I could

From the Midst of a Bazillion People

Apparently Audioblogger is not working because I tried to post from the middle of the Happiest Place on Earth which also happens to be the location of a bazallion people. And these bazaillion people were all milling about in a gazillion different directions making it difficult to traverse the rugged terrain of Frontierland, the wacky landscape of Toontown and just forget Fantasyland. Hadn't been to Disneyland in about five years, definitely not since they added California Adventure to it. Somehow we managed to park in the one lot that didn't have tram service. It wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't been loaded down with sleeping children and gear. It was literally a 20 minute walk from the car to the entrance. I had a backpack that weighed about 12 pounds and alternated between 17 and 38 pounds of sleeping child so I suppose that I am ready to begin basic training. It was a good day, we had a lot of fun and so did the children. But today my body is feelin

More From the Mailbag

Dear Jack, I have been following your blog for sometime now and really enjoy the fiction you write. Will you tell me something about how you write? Thanks, Mike Dear Mike, I write with a pen or sometimes a pencil. But if I am feeling really lazy I have my manservant take dictation from the houseboy. They make a good team. Dear Jack, You are one of the most obnoxious people I know and if I had my way you would never blog again. I can't understand why any woman would ever want you. One day you'll get yours. Eat shit and die, Your Pal Dear Pal, Are you sure that you know me, because if you did you would understand that women cannot help but throw themselves at me, just like you are now. I'd like to spend an evening with you, it would be educational for both of us. Ok, maybe not educational, but I do believe in charity. All of my love, Jack Dear Jack, What do you think about Bush? Regards, Tim Dear Tim, After I finished smacking myself for all of


A New Installment of Fragments of Fiction

Here is the latest installment. To follow the complete story click here. More About Georgie If you were to ask me why I started hanging out with Georgie I wouldn’t be able to give you an answer. I don’t know why. It is the kind of answer or should I say non-answer that used to infuriate my father. When I was a child I could never have gotten away with explaining that I didn’t know why I had done something. An answer like that would not have been acceptable to him. Of course like most teenagers I had responded to most of his questions about what I did or didn’t do with the very thing I just mentioned. It is part of a rite of passage to try and irritate your parents and I was a master at it. One of my father’s favorite movies was Cool Hand Luke. Maturity is a wonderful thing as it allows you to look back and see what a jerk you really were. All those times you thought you were being cool, all those moments when you thought that you were just like James Dean have a way of being

Canada: No refuge for U.S. soldier

I have a number of comments to make about this story, but first here are a couple of sections that are noteworthy: "TORONTO (AP) -- The Canadian government has denied refugee status to former U.S. Army paratrooper Jeremy Hinzman, a major blow to a handful of U.S. military deserters who have fled to Canada rather than fight in a war they claim commits atrocities against civilians." Is there an example of a war in which civilians are not hurt, injured or maimed. Is there any time in which civilians are not placed at risk. This is not to say that it is right or good for them to be hurt. Civilians should be protected, but there is a difference between protection and intentional targeting of civilians. "Pvt. 1st Class Joshua Key, 26, of Oklahoma City is the latest war resister to flee to Toronto, arriving two weeks ago with his wife and four children. He told the Toronto Star that he served in Iraq with the 43rd Combat Engineering Company, which was deployed in Ap

The Collaspse of the Internet Is Imminent

The Collaspse of the Internet Is Imminent at least if you buy into the arguments made by Professor Hannu H. Kari of the Helsinki University of Technology. As cited in this article he said: "The reason for this will be that proper users' dissatisfaction will have reached such heights by then that some other system will be needed," Kari said, "unless the Internet is improved and made reliable." Last fall, Kari bolstered his prophecy with statistics. Extrapolating from the growth rates of viruses, worms, spam, phishing and spyware, he concluded that these, combined with "bad people who want to create chaos," would cause the Internet to "collapse!"—and he stuck to 2006 as the likely time." But if some people have their way they'll blame Bush for the collapse and the chaos that follows. ;) In all seriousness, I don't buy this argument at all. The Internet has become far too pervasive and intrenched in our lives for it to collap

The Ghost Ship That Ran Aground

There is a blog that I enjoy reading, although the truth be told I only hit it sporadically. It is called beFrank and it is written by a man who works as a cameraman for a news station here in Los Angeles. He writes about his experiences and posts pictures of many different things and places that he encounters because of the job. His post about the Ghost Ship attracted me because I thought that the pictures were kind of cool.

Additions to Fragments of Fiction

I have been working on some additions to Fragments of Fiction . I have a lot of work to do and am anxious to spend more time on it, but have been too busy to accomplish much. I spent a little time writing more about Georgie and the relationship with the male protagonist. I haven't decided if I am going to use the following 600 words as its own chapter or if I am going to work it in to one of the earlier bits about Georgie. Feel free to share your thoughts. More About Georgie If you were to ask me why I started hanging out with Georgie I wouldn’t be able to give you answer. I don’t know why. It is the kind of answer or should I say non-answer that used to infuriate my father. When I was a child I could never have gotten away with explaining that I didn’t know why I had done something. An answer like that would not have been acceptable to him. Of course like most teenagers I had responded to most of his questions about what I did or didn’t do with the very thing I jus

Fragments of Thought and Fantasy

I am dedicated to this blog. I think about it frequently because the words and I have a special relationship. There is a slow dance that we do around the room, it is the kind of thing where your partner just knows where to go, they move with you with little or no prompting. At least that is how it feels most of the time, but every now and then it just doesn't work. We step on each others toes, trip over our own feet and the dance loses the graceful presence it once had and disintegrates into some macabre spiral of death. It is like watching a couple of marionnettes in a puppet show. You know that they are dancing, but not because of what you see from them. The reason is that there are elements surrounding them that make it obvious as to what they are supposed to be doing. In my case that means that the words do not flow from my fingertips with any sort of ease. They show up because I have pounded them out of my skull, forced them out the way you squeeze the last bit of

Zodiac Personality

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Octopuses Walk On Two Feet

"WASHINGTON - Octopuses, known for using camouflage to avoid predators, have been observed apparently trying to sneak away by walking on two arms while pretending to be a bunch of algae. Two kinds of octopus were seen to use different ways of walking along the sea floor, researchers were reporting in Friday's issue of the journal Science. The movements were discovered by Christine L. Huffard of the University of California, Berkeley, who was studying underwater video camera tapes of the animals. Berkeley professor Robert J. Full said Huffard was studying octopus movement as part of a robotics project. He said the researchers use examples from nature in designing robots; one project is to build a soft robot. Octopuses trying to avoid being eaten usually hold still to camouflage themselves. But by walking on two arms, these two types were able to move quickly while using their other arms to disguise themselves. Two individuals of O.

'Mein Kampf' a Best Seller in Turkey

This is somewhat disturbing to read. "ISTANBUL, Turkey - Turkish bookshops have a best seller, but some of them are hesitant about giving it too much display. It's "Mein Kampf." The popularity of Adolf Hitler's book, filled with anti-Jewish diatribes and dreams of world domination, is puzzling some Turks. Does it reflect rising anti-Semitic or anti-Western sentiment in Muslim Turkey? Or anger over Israel's treatment of the Palestinians and the war in Iraq ( news - web sites )? Is it a backlash against the country's moves to join the European Union ( news - web sites )? Or does it simply offer a cheap thrill? At least two new Turkish-language versions are out in paperback and selling for as little as $4.50, but they could run into legal trouble. They were printed without the permission of the Finance Ministry of the German state of Bavaria, which was given control of Hitler's estate after World War II and is

The Origin of Garden Gnomes

Here is a little excerpt about the Garden Gnome. And Might I add that I am not a fan of placing them in my yard, but it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. "GRAEFENRODA, Germany (AFP) - With his jolly face and little paunch, Reinhard the potter resembles the garden gnomes he produces by the dozen in this little village in Germany where, they say, the phenomenon began. Reinhard Griebel grew up surrounded by gnomes in Graefenroda, tucked in the forests of the eastern German state of Thuringia. This village of 3,500 people claims to be the birthplace of "nanus hortorum vulgaris", or the common garden gnome, which local folklore says was dreamed up by a local potter in 1880. The craftsmen of the village, including Reinhard's great-grandfather, wasted no time in capitalising on the idea and, in the land where the Brothers Grimm created Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the popularity of gnomes spread fast. "With h

A Purim Prophecy- The Nazis

There is a tale that I heard a number of years ago. The story suggests that within the Purim story there is a prophecy regarding the Nazis. You can find a link to it here and here . There are a number of other links, but I'll let you find them. To save you time I'll cut-and-paste from Go West Young Jew and give you the story as he transcribed it. "When listing the ten sons of Haman who were hanged (Esther 9:6-10), three letters, namely Taf, Shin, and Zayin, are written smaller than the rest (most printed texts reflect this; if yours doesn’t, look in another). The commentaries offer no explanation for this other than that it is a prophecy. The letters "Taf-Shin-Zayin" represent the Hebrew year 5707, corresponding to the secular year 1946-47. On October 16, 1946 (21 Tishrei, 5707) ten convicted Nazi war criminals were hanged in Nuremberg. (An eleventh, Hermann Goering, a transvestite, committed suicide in his cell. The Midrash tells us that Haman also

He Thought I was a Girl

When I was 12 I was mistaken for a girl, not in person. I didn't look anything like a girl and I didn't dress like one so that never would have happened. Nope, it was my voice. I don't remember what time of year it was, but my mother had taken my sisters along to run some errands so I was home alone. I do remember that being able to stay by myself was a relatively new privilege and that I felt very grown up to have the house to myself. At some point during the day there was a knock on the door so I went to see who was there. When I looked through the little peephole there was a man at the door. He was wearing a sports coat, but it was open and I could see that he had a gun in a holster. I would have pretended that no one was home, but as I approached the door I yelled out "who is it" and received a reply along the lines of "Ma'am this is the FBI" or some other similar identification. I didn't believe him because I couldn't ima