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There Once Was A Man From Nantucket

Sometimes when you are rambling and ambling down the highways and byways of life you reach a point at which you have to make some choices about where you focus your time. Those of you who have been walking with me for a while know I have been thinking about shutting this place down and that I haven't quite done it. Well, I am still thinking about it and still not willing to do so because I still like it here and because it still serves as a good way to send traffic to my primary blog. So expect to see me poke my head in here from time to time and keep you updated as to what is happening elsewhere and maybe from time to time you'll get a new post too. The Fool’s Guide For Dealing With Idiots What Would Darth Vader Do? What Is Valuable Content And How Do You Identify It? Tales of Treachery & Treason On The High Seas of Blogging How To Wrestle With Faith Or Sex Doesn’t Always Sell I Hurt Myself Today To See If I Still Feel

A Couple of Things

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