What Do You Do?

Told the Shmata Queen the bells have been going off in my head and even during the loudest or quietest moments I hear a call.

So I turn and look.


He told SQ he felt the magic and listened for a response. Didn't get a verbal or written, but still swore he got something.

Put out his hand, pulled her in close and was surprised when she kissed him first...again.

Haven't Kissed The Girl...Yet

Famous writers and commenters have asked about kissing the girl and the answer is yes I have and no I haven't.

Have in the past, haven't in the present.

They have inquired as to what the plans and SQ says I am not supposed to say get naked, freaky or naked and freaky.

"That is our private business."

She is right, it is our private business and I am not supposed to tell you I can make her knees go weak, that she hasn't read everything or that I noticed a hole in her pants.

Funny how some of this works or doesn't.

But I did tell her that I am going to give her one hell of a hug and I don't care who knows. I am crazy like that. ;)

Got 27 other places to update...sooner or later.

Kiss A Girl Part 8311968

He stared at the girl, exchanged looks with her and wondered if she could see what lay behind his eyes.

Wondered if she would kiss him back or start talking and then kiss him.

What The Magic 8 Ball Said

The Magic 8 Ball confirmed the girl remembered what it felt like and said she was afraid to admit it.

So the man admitted he was afraid to admit it and afraid to ignore it and then he rode off into the sunset squinting because he forgot his sunglasses in her car.


A Shmata In His Arms

A man looked up at the stars and thought about whether a girl remembered his scent and being in his arms.

There was no doubt she remembered, but the questions was did she remember and was it one of those memories that made you smile and still took your breath away or something else.

Kiss A Girl

The twenty-something at the gym tells me wonders if I know what it is like to really kiss a woman.

I smile and ask how old this woman is.

"She is 23."

I smile back and say I know what it is like to kiss a woman and I know what it is like to kiss a girl.

We're interrupted by one of his friends and she tells me she wants to know something.

"At your age you really should be kissing a woman and referring to her as such. But that smile you just gave makes me wonder who you are thinking about."

I smile back and say that is my business.

"I almost want to ask you to tell me your story."

"I almost want to tell you, but I won't. It is not mine alone to tell. There is a woman involved and sometimes she would melt into me when I referred to her as my girl."

"You are really good at not giving answers but making people want to know more. Are you doing that intentionally?"


"Will you tell me if you are currently with her?"

"No, she isn't here with me."

"I don't mean here, are you presently with her?"

I smile and say the Shmata Queen is a part of past, around in the present and probably will be in the future.

"That still doesn't tell me anything other than you call her a queen, I don't know that other word. But I know every woman likes to be referred to as queen."

"That is the rumor."

"It is not a rumor. I want my guy to call me a queen. Are you going to answer the question?"

"Have I kissed her? Oh yeah, I have...more than once. I think she might have even liked it"

'I thought you said you aren't going to give me details.'

"I am not, but saying I kissed this girl isn't going to cause issues. It is not the story and therefore I don't worry about having to ask if I can share our story."

"Will you ever tell it?"

"Maybe I'll write a book or maybe not."

"She must really love you to put up with your refusing to share details."


"Damn, you still didn't give me anything to work with."

I just smile, pull a dumbbell off the rack and resume lifting.

The twenty-something tells me he is impressed by how I handled her and I say I didn't handle her.

"I didn't handle her. I just abided by an unspoken agreement not to kiss and tell. That is all."

Twenty-Five Thousand

Got too many eyes in too many places and haven't decided if the new blog should be shared with anyone so I am here slinging words upon a page.

Took a hard look at finances and wanted to scream because I had made huge progress but last year threw all cards into the air.

Given the same situation I would do it again because you only get one father so if you have to spend money on plane tickets and necessities you do it, but damn it fucked me up.

In large part because the job isn't paying off the same way as last year. It couldn't have been predicted or seen because the nutjob in the white house hadn't insisted on tariffs.

That fucker can talk about a booming economy all he wants and I won't buy all of his bullshit because I have taken it in the pants.

People aren't buying like they were and some of it has to do with his stupidity.

So I figure that my best bet is to try and secure something that guarantees another $25k as that would solve this headache.

More would be better and that is what I am shooting for, but $25k would be enough to make it work.

I am managing it now, but I don't like being in a position in which I say managing. It cuts down on putting more money aside for vacation and retirement.

Hopefully the stress won't make me drop dead as that would be a real pisser.

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