I heard the Shmata Queen ask how often I am or am not updating the blogs and the answer is...it depends.

Sometimes I update with reckless abandon because I have much to say and sometimes not so much,

I shouldn't admit this, but sometimes I update certain blogs more frequently cuz I know she is reading. Damn bottle of Scotch, got me being too honest.

Anyhoo, if nothing else I know she appreciates my writing so I don't mind keeping some fans happy. :)

She Asked Me To Kiss Her

That wacky broad the Shmata Queen asked me to kiss her many years ago and then followed up by saying I have permission to kiss her whenever I want to.

Later on she said she revoked that permission and then followed up on it by saying she had given it to me again.

I asked if that meant it is irrevocable and she said yes, so the bottom line is I can kiss her any time I want.

Kind of crazy but kind of cool too huh.

20 Years Of Blogging

 Hard to believe, but I have been doing this thing for 20 years now. Wild to think, especially when I ask myself how much of this is quality...