The Words We Share

Sometimes the words we share don't say what we really want them to say. Sometimes they serve as a tool to mask our true feelings because we fear to expose what lies beneath the surface.

Sometimes we use anger to push those we care about away because it is easier to maintain distance when you are angry.

And sometimes a word means exactly what you say it did- there is no reading between the lines.

-Bathroom philosophy


Got some big ones coming up. Life is going to be interesting for a while.


Sometimes you don't figure out who is a friend and who isn't until something happens and then you get to see who is what and what is who.

My Purim Costume

I am going as the invisible man this year. The picture below isn't of my good side, but it should give you a pretty good idea of what it looks like.

A Home Cooked Meal

I am looking forward to having a home cooked meal again soon, preferably made by someone other than me.

A Collection of old Stories


It is a different world out here, not necessarily better or worse, just different.

In some ways it is more noticeable because I am by myself so when I am not at work I have nothing but time to do whatever I want.

I have spent some of it driving around town so that I would get to know the area and not have to rely on the GPS.

Some of it has been spent buying stuff for my place and trying to figure out what section of town to rent in. Busy or not it is all the same, I only have me to worry about so I am free to do as I please.

Part of me really enjoys that.

Be Careful

Some of you mamzerim might want to to reconsider your behavior because you might not like what happens.

When you light a match you don't always retain control of the fire and you never know which direction the flames might fly.

Different Blogs For Different Purposes

Sometimes I wonder if I really need to be the author of multiple blogs and if it doesn't create issues I could otherwise avoid.

Upon first glance I usually think it is silly to spread myself throughout multiple places but then it occurs to me I have multiple blogs because they serve different purposes and for the time being it really doesn't matter because it doesn't bother me.

If I confirmed that it was creating issues and causing problems I would adjust things because there really is no point in causing unnecessary trouble, but the thing is that it is not or at least I don't perceive it to be doing so.

Perception is important because sometimes what you perceive trumps the reality of whatever situation you may be dealing with.

For the immediate future my perception is the one I care most about, but that is what happens when you are living by yourself.

Why Do We Like Football

I really enjoyed this post by Seth Godin about football.
For someone outside the US, the visceral connection with football seems mysterious. You can understand a lot about the future (and past) of marketing once you understand how the sport turned into a cultural touchstone.
Tribes -> TV -> Money -> Mass -> TV -> Tribes
Football as we know it started in colleges. It was an epic muddy battle, pitting one alma mater against another, a war-like, non-balletic battle that united (at a pretty elemental level) the tribes on each side. As it grew as a college sport, it became as much of a social event as a sporting one, with alumni and students finding connection around a game.
But if that's all it was, today wouldn't be the biggest day of the year for several industries. If that's all it was, you wouldn't be able to pick a fight merely by challenging the hegemony of football or the local team. We'd be spending as much time and energy on soccer or lacrosse or basketball, but we don't.
No, it turns out that, quite accidentally, football, more than any other sport, is
Click here to read the rest.

Go '49ers!

Pallywood Posts

 I think a bunch of the posts about Pallywood that have been written and or linked here have to be updated. Probably a bunch of bad links, k...