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Collateral Damage

Some days I wonder how much influence I have had on recent events on my life and how much is collateral damage. It is moments like this where I think about truth and how honest people are being with me. Need some reading material? Try these: Life In Transition Content Marketers Dance Naked With Feather Boas Fear Is A Writer’s Friend Troubled Waters? What Troubles Does Water Have? The Truth About Fatherhood & Dreams The Places We’ll Go

A Social Media Test

Consider this a test or experiment to see what happens when I ask you to subscribe to my other blog and to provide a list of links for you to read. Did I mention you can become a fan of my Facebook page too? Anyway, would love for you to read some of these posts and comment.:   How Do You Describe a Successful Father? Dads Love Their Sons- Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker Edition Part II Maybe A Gun Would Have Helped How Long Will You Teeter On The Precipice? What Is Your Blog About?

Links To Pieces Some Guy Wrote

Just a mix of this and that because, well why not.   1,724 Days Or More Somewhere In Time Why Do You Keep Fighting? She Says She’ll Never Get Married Again Eye Contact Whom The Gods Ignore What Is Your Blog About? 5 Minutes About Your Awful List Posts What Happens When You Bite A Lion? The Power of Dad The Layers Of Life The Disneyland Hotel Doesn’t Like Naked Men In The Hall