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You and I dance alone in places far away but our hearts continue to sing our song...together. The physical parts may be alone and apart but the spirits never are and I suspect never have been.  That connection we built was forged in flames that burn brighter and hotter than anything we could make on our own. That connection is what prevents us from true separation.  Neither you nor I are willing to just let go and walk away. We have tried to do it on more than one occasion. Tried to wave goodbye and find new places to hang our hats but it hasn't quite worked. Hasn't quite worked because the heart always finds a way to beat the head.  Hope and optimism defeat fear and pessimism. Dreams of what could be are coupled with action and purpose. a Skeptics shake their fists and gnash their teeth. They claim unrealistic expectations lead to illusions of grandeur. They think that the emperor has no clothes but they do not understand.  They cannot understand that a thousand years

The Muppets Use Google Hangouts Too

Chanukah Music


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Chasing Excellence

“Gentlemen, we will chase perfection, and we will chase it relentlessly, knowing all the while we can never attain it. But along the way, we shall catch excellence.” ― Vince Lombardi I would have liked to have played for Lombardi. I think that it must have been quite the experience being part of his team. I expect that it would have been filled with the usual roller coaster of chaos and conflict but there would have been good times too. Probably more good than bad. I feel like I am chasing perfection and working hard to at least catch excellence. I haven't succeeded nor have I failed...yet. I say yet because it is a journey and the damn thing doesn't end until I die or give up. Well, I haven't died nor given up so I say that I am still climbing that hill. It is scary and exhilarating. There is more at risk than ever before but my gut tells me that this is where I need to be and what I need to be doing. I am pushing myself to take that extra step and to somehow grab

Writing Music

Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert Sing Together

Holocaust survivor learns his father's fate

The Monster Will Eat You For Christmas

" What better way to celebrate the holiday season than with a parade? What I mean is, a parade honoring Santa's long-tongued beast buddy who gobbles up all the really bad children? The Krampus is a holiday fixture that's popular in the Germanic countries." I didn't make it up. Check it out .

Lost Comments

Some time ago when I first installed Intense Debate I inadvertently cause it to overwrite the Blogger comments that were there prior to its installation. I mulled over whether it bothered me to lose those comments and ultimately decided that it did. In many cases those "lost" comments added a lot of life and spice to the post itself so it made sense to me to uncover them so that they could continue to "do their job." I haven't decided yet if I am going to re-install Intense Debate but if I do I will make certain that the old comments aren't covered. In the interim I need to see if I can export comments made in Intense Debate into Blogger.

A Better Father

I am not the first person to say that they feel like they have been living through a bad dream nor will I be the last. But none of that changes the feelings of frustration that come from fighting ghosts, chasing shadows trying to catch the moon in a barrel. These are things that I know aren't productive. These are things that don't lend themselves calm and serenity but for the longest time they have been a regular part of my reality. It doesn't matter if others have a harder life or more challenges because their struggles and their pain don't eliminate my own. That doesn't preclude my feelings of gratitude for what I do have or compassion for those less fortunate because they still exist. It doesn't mean that I am unaware of the slippery slope that I stand upon either. It is because of this slippery slope that I push those things aside. I cannot do anything but focus on securing a better foothold so that we don't get pushed over the edge of the wa

Monetizing The Blog

Even though I may not spend as much time here as I used to there are still reasons to use this place and not just because I have taken steps to monetize it. This joint is home and it doesn't matter where else I may live or what I do. I can fill it up with all sorts of toys, electronics and kitchen gear but I never forget what it looks like in its naked state. I am good with that. Speaking of gear it is pretty darn close to Chanukah. Been out shopping for the kids. There are new Lego sets floating around and games for the 3DS. Got a few new ones for the Wii and some clothes for the girls that live here too. But if I were shopping for me I would  have to look into an iPad and or maybe a Kindle Fire. It kind of depends on my cash flow. I still want a new computer and a big screen television too. If I am allowed to dream I'd throw in a new car and a new cellphone. Not to mention shoes, I need some shoes. Chances are I'll probably end up with a couple of books and mayb

Not Quite There

I am still working on my book but it is not quite there yet. The post below this contains one rough draft but it looks like hell. Part of that is because the code from the other side has a problem with Blogger and so I end up with a bit of a mess. But the truth is that it is not quite there at the other place either . I am actively working on it but my focus is on content and not how it is currently rendering. That is because I am going to go back and edit it. I may not spend much time rewriting blog posts but this is different. This is different for a million different reasons. I feel a bit like I am wrestling with a lion and trying to keep that sucker from clawing, mauling and or biting me. Sometimes I hate these words and sometimes I love them. But it doesn't matter because I am going to see this through. Going to see it through because I can't not do it. This is personal and I am obligated to myself to finish.

Jack's Story Dec 7 update

FYI- This is a work of fiction that I am going to turn into a book. Every day I add new parts and pieces to it. Sometimes you will see me upload individual posts to this blog. Some of those posts will be included in their entirety. Some won’t. But I am trying to make this blog a storehouse of the entire body of work. My name is Jack. I am a single father who works as a journalist for the local paper. I have a a bi-weekly column that is read by more than 1 million people and I am the author of three books, with a contract to write more. On the weekends I coach my son’s soccer team and drive my daughter to dance class. I have two girlfriends who really are just that, girls who are friends. Sometimes I wonder what the difference is between a girl friend and a wife. They both tell you what to do and neither put out. I suppose that the real distinction is that the girl friend doesn’t receive a piece of my paycheck each month so that they can live in my house with Rudy,