Things That Make Me Scratch My Head

I noticed that this blog has gotten to be quite popular in Finland but the manner in which the browsing is taking place makes me curious.

It is possible this is one person and they really love my writing and that is why they are reading post after post after post.

But experience has taught me to take a second look at the rapid fire click from post to post so I am putting it out there that this feels odd to me.

If  you are a real person and are just cruising through I would love for you to leave a comment on this post so that I know this is legit.

And since we are here allow me to make my normal push to promote these other posts:

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We Don't Care About Your Plan

Today hasn't gone anything like I expected it to go but that is ok because the last 44 years haven't gone according to plan either.

That is not a complaint. It is an observation and so is saying the changes, twists and turns have been filled with both good and bad things.

At this moment, I am talking about right now in the Lone Star State I am safely ensconced in my apartment taking 5 minutes to catch my breath, adapt, adjust and return to doing what I expected to least for today.

Later on I'll take more time to share my thoughts about it all and to create something so profound, so insightful and so entertaining you can't put it down.

On The Verge Of The New Year

We're hours away from Rosh Hashanah and as usual my head is racing in multiple directions. Trying to filter, sort and process all that has happened because the year has been filled with change and excitement, chock full of lots of good and some very bad.

The good outweighs the bad but a few of these things just kill me. Some of them just have me asking questions that have no answers.

I know in advance even if I were to be given an answer I wouldn't like it because it wouldn't make sense to me and that is not always a reason for disliking something.

So here I sit sharing a few words with you and just...thinking.

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