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Another Placeholder

This post is another placeholder. I came across this again and it triggered a thought but there is no time to follow up now, so that is why this is here. A reminder to read, review and revisit later on because when you read something and a ping goes off inside your head you better make a note of it. “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” ― Robert Frost The words stop me in my tracks. I don’t know if I heard them, read them or if they were painted upon the blackboard of my mind but they are stunning. He is awake and I am awake which I suppose means we are awake because I am him and he is me. “How many things have to happen to you before something occurs to you?” ― Robert Frost You better believe I'll follow up on this and that it won't be ignored because I learned long ago these pings are worth noticing.

Daniel And Anne- American names

Listened to some jackass go on today about how he only wanted to hear American names and thought about what a poor sheltered life he must lead. If the only names you want to hear are American I am curious as to why and whether you know where your name came from or if the American name you think is natural and normal is what you think it is. Because what is familiar and recognizable to you just might be a name that isn't as American as you think it is. Dumb knucklehead probably thinks biblical names are American and would be shocked if he heard the correct pronunciation. Talk about someone you wish didn't represent you, what an embarrassment. And in other news I wrote these posts somewhere else: Break The Rules Of Blogging & Other Stuff Some Bloggers Use This Trick The Winter Of A Blogger's Discontent There's Gold In Blogging & Other BS... You're Lucky Your Father Is Alive Some Friendships Are Timeless & Some...Aren't A Good Writer Go

Daily Posting and Time Management

Somewhere along the way daily posting seems to have become more of a problem. Don't know if it is because I am better or worse at time management. Hell maybe I just don't care to do it as much as I used to, hard to say. Too much going on to know for certain. Hoping to block out some time to do some real writing on TheJackB later today. Need to clear my head and writing does a wonderful job of that.

Where Does The Road Lead

"And once you accept that you survived the moments that you thought would stop you in your tracks and understand how to read the map upon the scars, well then you are on your way, aren’t you."  She Saved My Heart There is a thread of a much larger story that I am working on here, took this excerpt and decided to start fleshing it out. It is all in my head, now I have to figure out where it goes and how it happens. Where does the road lead? Well we are going to find out.

Risks and Risk Taking

A person who lives in fear probably fears to live meaning they avoid things that look like risk. But there are RISKS and there are risks and those who fail to discern the difference live in shadows. That is not the life I have led or one that I choose to take on. I intend to take on the hard stuff and go for what I want. It is the only way to truly get what you want from life.

The Tale Of An Evil Woman

Technically it starts over at Medium and then moves back here and then extends to TheJackB or something like that. At least I think or thought it might, but I am too focused on doing something with Reflections of The Day- Gratitude to go there . You can ask  Was It Real? Or you can go read other stuff: Most recent posts The Tales Of A Blogger Who Never Made It Big What Will The Force Awaken? It's Not About Who We Used To Be The Secret Blogger's Guide To Buying Cars Building A Better Blog... Maybe There Is No Cure For Blogging Just Hit It Harder How Some Star Wars Fans Kill The Movies The Memory Collector Drunk on Blogging Or Intoxicated With Writing It's Not My Fault She's Crazy & Hysterical Your Blog Could Cure Insomnia Don't Fear The Teenage Driver I Hope That You'll Be Happy Sometimes You Have To Stop & Live Go Blog About Yourself Water Won't Wash It Away Will Your Soul Sing Your Story? They Lost Their Virginity Whil