Slow Down And Look Around

Slow down and look around is the mantra of the moment. It is the reminder that things are happening around me, stuff worth watching and enjoying.

A reminder that even though crazy times have come to visit there are good things going on, things worth thinking about, things were being part of and remembering.

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I'll Bend But I Won't Break

Got some news the other days that didn't make me happy. It wasn't the kind of thing that is going to dictate how my life goes forever because I am the captain of the ship but it might influence how things go forward.

Not real appreciative of the current status nor anxious to maintain the 'quo' but my ability to influence certain elements is limited.

Doing my best not to let it turn into anger at those who have let me down and or the people that have screwed me.

What is done is done and most of the time this crap isn't personal but that doesn't negate the frustration or the challenge.

But I like a challenge and I like testing myself to see how far I can go. Of course midway through this post my computer overheated...again.

Again being the operative word because it is only 15 months old so this crap is more than just irritating. Can't afford to just replace it and can't be without it.

Have to visit the Geek Squad and have them take a look.

In the midst of it all I have to find my cape because these are times that call for a superhero.

The Words We Use

Was quite a morning, quite a day and quite a week and all but the morning have yet to be completed.

Yet at this moment I still hear the echoes of things that were said and what I gather most is the need to pay attention to the words we use.

Some can't be spoken without consequences and if you are not willing to embrace those consequences you really should be careful.

When someone says to "fuck off" you might not get the kind of response you really want unless you intended for them to "fuck off."

Same can be said for telling someone to "go fuck themselves." In certain situations there is no harm in using them but sometimes you find the consequences visit you and then you learn for certain whether you meant them or not.

The Words Were Washed Away

I don't know if I dreamed about this, saw it in a movie, read about it in a book or heard it on the radio.

It is a man and a woman talking about their relationship and one of them says 'your words were washed away by my tears.'

Can't help but think how people will probably think of that as being negative even though it might could be positive. Tears of joy might wash away the hard/harsh words of the past.

Course that sort of thinking seems to be in line for me, opposite or different of everyone. Lately it seems if everyone is walking on the right side I position myself on the left.

Might need to explore this further.

Death Smiled At Me

Death smiled at me and I opened my arms and walked forward to embrace him. I was prepared to feel bony arms encircle me and waiting to feel the cold I was certain radiated from him.

I stared at eyeless sockets and moved forward, uncertain about what would happen or what I would do.

The screams of loved ones echoed in my ears but I ignored their pleas to wait because I was done waiting.

My inner clock had stopped ticking and the incessant buzzing of the alarm pushed me to keep going forward.

I was ready to pay the price for the knowledge I sought and if necessary willing to fight for it.

Across the field I marched watching and waiting to see if his expression or demeanor would change. Don't know what I expected from an old bag of bones but nothing happened.

Midway through the march my legs grew heavy and it felt like I was walking through waist deep mud.

A flash of light flew through the sky followed by a tremendous boom and I was knocked off of my feet.

It took a moment to clear my head and realize I was lying on back but I didn't open my eyes.

Instead I saw through my ears and hands.

More later, maybe.

Of all the gin joints in all the towns

She Walks Into Mine My favorite movie.

The writing is outstanding. This is how I want to be able to write and the kind of storytelling that I truly long to be able to do.

About Blogging, Perception And Links to Read

Over at the main blog How Frequently Should You Update Your Blog in 2014? is getting a ton of traffic.

No surprises with that one because bloggers love to talk/read about blogging.

Had a conversation with a buddy from high school about a teacher I referred to in a post called Your Perception of Me Is Not My Reality.

Been thinking again about whether to keep posting here or if I should close up shop.

More to come on all these things at a later date.

About Those Analytics

This is really just a note to myself to blog about Quill Engage and how it does a terrific job of turning Google Analytics into actionable information.

The post I plan on writing will probably be over here because it is the main blog but it is worth mentioning here because a bunch of people find their way over there after a brief stop here.

I guess you would almost call this a blogging rest stop. Got to run now, time to run my daughter's soccer team practice.

As always here are some additional links for those looking for reading material.

Part of Why I Moved To Wordpress

Been trying to fix the way this post looks but the code is not cooperating and I am quickly getting tired of battling Blogger.

This is part of why I moved to Wordpress. I ran into code chaos but always felt like I had more support and didn't have to deal with all this nonsense.

It is not just irritating, it is silly.
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Got one more day before Yom Kippur. One more day to try and get square with all. One more day to get things situated or so they say.

Might get another post in before, but if I don't I wish you an easy fast and ask for מחילה from those I hurt/offended.

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