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Joni Mitchell and Blogging

Some people hear nothing but pain and loss in this song but not me. I hear those things but I hear hope, I hear strength and I hear echoes of a future I can almost picture. Midnight has come and gone and I am lost in thoughts about past, present and future. Tonight I don't feel any frustration or anger though there is ample reason to do but I am happy not to feel it because that is a poison I prefer not to ingest or live with. Can't say how long this feeling of certainty will last. Can't tell you when the complete confidence in my ability to figure it out will go because it always fades but experience has taught me it is like the tide and even though it may ebb it will rise again. The trick is to try and inhabit that middle ground where you are neither too high nor too low. Don't know how successful I am at it, but I was forged in fire and only know one way to be and that means I adapt. Sometimes I am slower to do so than I might like but I figure it out and t

Rocket Man Revisited

Men are taught to hide that softer side. Told to be hard and to be strong. To be otherwise is to be less and no matter how much new age crap you read you can't figure out how less is more. Or maybe you can. Maybe you can come to accept that this is the path you are on and if you keep pushing you can influence it in more than a small way. Maybe if you keep walking you'll find that trail again. Faith. It all comes back to faith. Faith in yourself and your convictions. Trust your instinct and your abilities. Believe. Live and learn how to love again. " And I think it’s gonna be a long long time...   That is an excerpt from a post I wrote called Rocketman (original huh.) that reached out from within the blog and caught my eye today. Might have to publish it on the main blog so that it is protected. For now Blogger lives and I am not aware of any plans Google has to kill it but if they did it would be of concern and I don't know what I would do. I would obviou

The Reasons Why Don't Matter

I never get tired of seeing her with her hair down and it is not just because most of time she has some sort of clip or rubber band thing in it. Maybe it is because of how it frames her face and takes my eyes straight to hers or how it outlines her smile. Could be because I love grabbing a handful of it when we kiss or how when I play with it I can see the stress fall right off of her. Doesn't really matter why, how or what because it just is. She doesn't see herself the way I do. Doesn't see how the signs of age turn me on because I don't see her as being tired and worn out, instead I see wisdom, experience and a woman who understands me in a way no one else ever seems to. Sometimes she forgets about that. Sometimes she gets caught up in the crap that makes life more challenging and wonders what the hell she is thinking. Sometimes she convinces herself there is no point, no purpose and no reason to spend time with me. It would be a false to say I have never t

Where Have I Been

Might have noticed that I haven't updated things here in a while. That is unusual for me and not something that I am used to having to write about because it just doesn't happen. Been writing elsewhere fairly steadily which is probably part of the reason you haven't seen me around these parts. And some of it is because somehow I fell down the rabbit hole again and I am working my ass off to try and get out of it. Add a dose of frustration and a double dose of WTF and you'll have an idea of where my head is at. The other thing that is worth mentioning is I hate feeling like I am whining so I'll cut this short, but if you want to see more interesting reading try one of these: Cancel Christmas Because I Beat Up Santa Claus The Lonely Blogger The Art Of Blogging & Bad Meatloaf How Bad Bloggers Make Good Bloggers Sexier Why You Should Never Blog About Sex With Clergy Members