December 28, 2014

Joni Mitchell and Blogging

Some people hear nothing but pain and loss in this song but not me. I hear those things but I hear hope, I hear strength and I hear echoes of a future I can almost picture.
Midnight has come and gone and I am lost in thoughts about past, present and future. Tonight I don't feel any frustration or anger though there is ample reason to do but I am happy not to feel it because that is a poison I prefer not to ingest or live with. Can't say how long this feeling of certainty will last. Can't tell you when the complete confidence in my ability to figure it out will go because it always fades but experience has taught me it is like the tide and even though it may ebb it will rise again. The trick is to try and inhabit that middle ground where you are neither too high nor too low. Don't know how successful I am at it, but I was forged in fire and only know one way to be and that means I adapt. Sometimes I am slower to do so than I might like but I figure it out and then one day I realize that I no longer feel out of sorts because I am present and comfortable where I am. In theory practice makes perfect and since I have had ample practice I should be perfect now or at least much closer than I once was. Laughter is a constant companion and close friend to me. Whenever life seems to be harder than normal I seek out those and that which bring it close.

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