Birthday Parties & Changes

Dear Blog,

There are lots of stories that I could share with you. Tales that might be told one day or perhaps not. Some of these are stories with purpose, passion and meaning and others are of no real significance.

It all depends on who we are speaking with and what sort of relation they have with the various players in these productions. Time and space play their role too.

Things that should be simple like a child's birthday party become more complex than necessary all because some adults act like asses. Sometimes I take pleasure in helping those asses hoist themselves upon their own petards.


Other changes are afoot and I feel a mixture of good anticipation and some mild anxiety. They may not come, these changes so I try not to spend too much time worrying and wondering about them.

Yet it is impossible to ignore them because their very nature requires action, thought and exploration. Fortunately it won't be long before I know whether they will become more than possibilities of things that could happen or the reality of what has happened.

Time will tell sooner rather than later.

What I Use For Email Marketing

For a long time I was hesitant to get involved with any sort of email marketing program. It didn't seem to be in sync with what I wanted to do and I didn't want my readers to feel like I was constantly selling to them.

Over time I started to reconsider my approach and decided that it didn't have to be an all or nothing proposition which is why you may have noticed more ads and or posts about affiliate programs.

Some of you have written me here or left comments at TheJackB asking me to provide more information about what tools and resources I like to use. In an upcoming post I will be glad to provide you with more specific details, but in the interim I thought I would share some information about Aweber (affiliate link).


Get Started Today For Only $1! - AWeber Communications I haven't used AWeber for very long at all but I can tell you that I find it to be exceptionally easy to use and am very pleased with the performance. Thus far I feel like it has provided an excellent return for a minimal amount of effort and investment.

Time will tell as to whether it continues to provide the sort of return that I need and want.


Change is in the air, I feel it. But even if I did not I would know it because it is happening around me, to me and in me.

There are words to be used and stories to be told about these changes, but not now. I lack perspective and am unwilling to begin the narrative here.

Maybe later, maybe elsewhere. Maybe someday.

That is enough maybes for me this May.


There is someone out there who I would tell about this place I am trying to reach. Someone who would be granted access to the vault where I keep my secrets.

You who think that I share all that I know are wrong. I provide glimpses of this and that and use a bit of misdirection and guile to send you chasing down the paths I prefer you visit and keep you well away from those that are protected.

Don't ask me to explain why because I don't know why or when this started. I only know that this is how I prefer it. That may change one day but that day is not today. That day is not now and so you find yourself wondering WTF I am saying and so do I.

Really I haven't spent much time thinking about any of it. Perhaps I should. Maybe I should think more about the how, what and why but it just doesn't seem necessary.

And so it goes....

Caught Between A Rock And A Hard Place

I find myself caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place with choices that consist of bad and not good.

Certainly not the best position to be in or the most enjoyable, but not necessarily the worst either. There are moments in time where these things happen and you find yourself struggling to figure out which way to turn and what to do.

That is because you can't always figure out what is best. You can't see through the fog or foretell the future so you flip a coin and hope for the best. It is not ideal but you can be caught in analysis of paralysis and make things worse by doing nothing.

It reminds me of this time that the Shmata Queen and I were hanging out. The two of us were having lunch and talking about how lucky we were not to be stuck in cleveland. I remember how thankful she was that I had rescued her from a life devoid of culture, taste and teams that can't win.

Excuse me while I duck now because that crazy broad will come after me with that large black purse of hers and that sucker hurts. Man oh man, my grandmothers should have carried that thing. Hee hee, can't help but tease her.

Anyway, you won't find me sitting still hoping that things change because I learned long ago that sometimes the only way to change things is to make it happen. If you aren't happy with the place you are in- change it.

Pallywood Posts

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