That Was Surprising

 Got news last week that surprised me. Been wondering about it all for days now 'cuz I don't have the details and specifics.

You could say I don't need them and then again maybe I do.

In My Dreams

 She showed up in my dream again and I woke up wondering where she was. We had part of the discussion there that I hope to have here...awake.

You might argue that it matched my thoughts and hope so closely that it would have to be a dream. Might be truth in that but then again we didn't expect to find each other and we did.

Came from different places and somehow ended up in the same one. No telling if that matters or not today, but I would be disappointed if we were farther apart.

I have thoughts and questions that need to be addressed.

Not Quite Where It Began

It is not quite where it began but this place is a big part of the pieces of the puzzle that make up that particular part of life. The one I never expected or believed would come about that turned into something more.

One I wanted to dig into and find out more about to see if what I suspected was something based in fantasy or reality.

And a million years and a dozen life times later I still wonder and I still suspect my gut feeling is correct.

One More Dance

 He figured he had one more dance left in him. One more chance to waltz around the floor and then make a decision.

There would be a partner or there would be no partner.

Just Another Monday

It is just another Monday or so the calendar says. No particularly important events are scheduled nor is there mention of birthdays for anyone truly important to me.

At least I don't think there is, but it is always possible that I am unaware of one.

Technically there ought to be an in-person meeting with the Shmata Queen, been a long while since the last one. But such meetings have been more challenging to schedule than they once were.

Still more challenging doesn't mean impossible so we soldier on and look at what steps need to be taken to move possibility and opportunity into reality.

Still playing around with whether to write more frequently here or continue to maintain a sporadic pace. Got so many other joints I support I have to be more cognizant of who and what gets my time.

The Blog Post That Never Dies

 It is too bad the Shmata Queen never got to visit Ritchie's Pizza because if she had she would understand why a post I wrote 15 years ago still sees traffic.

Pallywood Posts

 I think a bunch of the posts about Pallywood that have been written and or linked here have to be updated. Probably a bunch of bad links, k...