Blogging The Days Away

 Blogging the days away probably should be reworked because most of the time I write at night. But there are moments like now where I jump in for a quick post.

This is where I got started and though I don't spend as much time here as I once did it still holds sentimental value.

Sometimes I think about coming here and installing a new template and look to mix things up. But I don't know if that would serve any real purpose or not.

I suppose if it motivated me to update this place more frequently there might be value in that.

July 4, 2023

The fireworks have been going off for hours and the neighbors are having another party so it feels like business as usual here.

Got the usual infighting on Nextdoor about the meaning of the holiday and the related festivities.

Lots of questions where all this is leading and no answers, just ideas.

So for now we celebrate and watch.

20 Years Of Blogging

 Hard to believe, but I have been doing this thing for 20 years now. Wild to think, especially when I ask myself how much of this is quality work.

Probably more than I think but not nearly as much as I would like.

Why I Blog

 Been a minute since I last updated so I thought I would reference an older post about Why I Blog

 Here at the keyboard I commune with others and speak about my life. I offer my insecurities and my beliefs. I open my mind and try to learn about the world around me. I am always searching and seeking for new things to learn. I am an educational hedonist. 

 I have many refuges. There are places I seek during times of trouble and uncertainty. There are physical locations that feed and nurture my soul, places in Ojai and the Los Padres National Forest. There are areas around Malibu and beaches in Hawaii. 

 Around Jerusalem, in the Negev and near Joshua Tree. On top of Yosemite Falls and elsewhere. These are places that I seek because I find them to be relaxing. They help me find myself and reconnect.

This is all still basically true.

Writing is still where I figure out the important stuff and sometimes have conversations with others.

Pallywood Posts

 I think a bunch of the posts about Pallywood that have been written and or linked here have to be updated. Probably a bunch of bad links, k...