Our Time

Being this busy may keep a guy out of trouble but it doesn't lend itself to doing the things that help a man truly relax.

I'm ready for this stage to end so that I can get back to real life. Besides, it's time to update www.thejackb.com.

The Things We Do

The hardest part about some business travel is having to adjust our schedule to a 24 hour time table that is based upon someone else's priority.

It is exacerbated by sleep deprivation and the inability to easily find your own space, but it beats being unemployed... Mostly.

The Angry Dwarf

He is a 5'6 man in his early fifties who doesn't like me because I am bigger, stronger and unwilling to listen to his bullshit.

We met on the basketball court and were on opposite teams.

The first time we played together he told me to be gentle because he had a busted rib. I told him that if he chose to play it was his problem and not mine.

He said that was rude and I said that someone who chose to play with a bad rib might lack judgment and could be considered slow.

That came after a couple of exchanges, one of which consisted of "it is not fair that you are bigger than I am."

I laughed and said life isn't fair."

Our time on the court has never led to friendship or even a grudging acceptance. He has taken cheap shots at me and been a jerk so I haven't had any reason to do more than just play.

Last night he started up with me and I told him I was tired of his whining and that I am not fond of playing with angry dwarfs. He took two steps towards me and I suggested that he consider very carefully whether he enjoyed walking and eating solid food.

He was smart enough not to press the issue then but not smart enough not to try and hurt me under the basket. I didn't retaliate in kind but I didn't make any effort to avoid slamming into him when I crashed the boards.

We may be old enough to know better than to act like boys but somehow we both ignored that little detail.

Angry dwarves ought to think carefully before messing with a Taurus because simple physics makes it clear who will win that fight time and time again.

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