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Is It Death Or Evolution

Got a few emails from people asking why there isn't as much original content here as there used to be. The simple answer is that I spend most of my time producing original content for TheJackB and since my time is limited less is spent here. If you like what you see here I encourage you to become a regular at TheJackB but that doesn't mean I am closing shop here. This place is like the house I grew up in, at least from a blogging perspective and since it doesn't require a heavy financial investment I intend to hold onto it. So you will see new posts and some content that doesn't appear anywhere else, but there will be less of it. It is not death, it is just evolution. Recent Posts The Myth Of Controlled Chaos The Wrong Reason To Blog Almost True Tales Of Fatherhood & Other Stuff There Is A Rhythm To Writing About Your Aging Parents Teenagers Are Harder Than Toddlers What Kind Of Writer Could You Be? Sometimes You Fight The Devil...Inside Sec

Hair Raising Or Hair Losing

Parenting definitely has its share of hair-raising and hair losing moments. Lately it feels like hair losing has been winning. Not happy about this, keep telling myself this too shall pass. But hell if I know when, talk about exhausting. "Proof" That Father Knows Best So What? (When You Skim You Lose) The Hardest Part of Parenting Some Writers Ignore The Oscars You Can't Fear Failure There Is More Sex Than Lying In Blogging The IPhone/Droid Conflict-The Write Stuff Life In The Driver's Seat Sometimes Fear Is An Uninvited Guest The Hijinks & Shenanigans Of Angry Lost Lovers The Stupidity Of A Smartphone You Will Enter Through The Back Door The Lazy Guardian Angel