No Steamy Dreams

No steamy dreams to refer to in this post, at least nothing new worth mentioning because aside from the one I mentioned the other day I don't think there have been any new ones since.

I keep looking around this joint, wondering what I can do to make it look nicer and less dated. Maybe it is just me, but it feels a bit rundown and worn out, probably because compared to my self hosted joint it is a bit...tired.

A Steamy Dream

Had one hell of a dream, the sort of steamy dream that wakes you up sweaty and disoriented because for a moment you aren't sure where you are.

It felt like a cross between real life and fantasy, 'cuz my companion was someone who has enjoyed those experiences with me before. It was like we just picked up where we left off and decided to reach for that next level.

Not surprising that we hit it in the dream because we did a few times in reality and could have done it again.

Don't know if I am the only person that dreams in technicolor, but when I do it is always extra vivid.

They say every monkey needs their banana and I can confirm it.

Could be more descriptive but some things are best left to imagination.

And now I am going to leave you with this link 'cuz I am shifting gears.


Denial is not a river in Egypt, but the behavior of some people makes me wonder if they are aware of that subtlety.

Maybe yes, maybe no.

Can't live based upon what others do or do not, have to do what we must to feed our souls and follow our hearts or risk the consequences of doing otherwise.

Follow The Dream

That is my mantra, follow the dream. Some people let go and let their dreams die because it is too hard and some go the distance.

If you go the distance win or lose you can sleep well knowing you tried.

Desperately In Search/Need Of Sleep

I am not quite sure how I am still standing, got to get some shut eye soon. Not sure if any of this makes sense, but I am going with it.

Got a story in my head that is tied into  It Burns  and  All I Want Is You or I Had A Dream and a few other pieces.

Not yet sure what the relationship is or if it is just tangentially tied in but am throwing this down on paper so that when I am awake I can revisit.

Damn, this not sleeping thing doesn't like clarity now does it.

Dumb Facebook Memes

This election cycle has me tuning and or muting more and more people because they haven't figured out it is worth doing some basic fact checking and or thinking about the political memes that are posted.

So much of the junk is emotion based rhetoric based on what they feel or think the world should be like and not upon fact.

It is not limited to one party either because I see it happening on both sides.

Although I tend to get more irritated with the claptrap that comes from the Occupy Democrats side because so often it occupies lollipop land. That probably indicates the political affiliation of a large part of my feed.

But like I said, my ire isn't limited to one side of the aisle. Some of my conservative friends and family post similar stupidity that makes me wonder when they replaced their brain with grapefruits.

And let's not forget the conspiracy theorists and wingnuts that occupy both parties, the far left/right and the neutral zone. They aren't helping anyone either.

Especially the knuckleheads who complain about what is going on but don't bother to vote, if you can't do that you forfeit your right to complain.

Stranded On A Desert Island

Ever think about what would happen if you were stranded on a desert island?

Every now and then I have answered the question of what books/music I would want to bring with me, but we never see people answer the question of who would you want to be stranded with.

Let's adjust the question and say your answer should be based upon who wouldn't make you crazy and not upon who might add the most value to your stay.

So it is not about having a doctor, fisherman or hunter or any other skill set,

It is just about who can you spend large amounts of time with and be confident they won't make you crazy because some people will do that.

We all have friends or family we take in small doses because the large just don't work for us.

I have my answer, but in the interest of harmony I'll keep it to myself.

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