December 12, 2015

Dumb Facebook Memes

This election cycle has me tuning and or muting more and more people because they haven't figured out it is worth doing some basic fact checking and or thinking about the political memes that are posted.

So much of the junk is emotion based rhetoric based on what they feel or think the world should be like and not upon fact.

It is not limited to one party either because I see it happening on both sides.

Although I tend to get more irritated with the claptrap that comes from the Occupy Democrats side because so often it occupies lollipop land. That probably indicates the political affiliation of a large part of my feed.

But like I said, my ire isn't limited to one side of the aisle. Some of my conservative friends and family post similar stupidity that makes me wonder when they replaced their brain with grapefruits.

And let's not forget the conspiracy theorists and wingnuts that occupy both parties, the far left/right and the neutral zone. They aren't helping anyone either.

Especially the knuckleheads who complain about what is going on but don't bother to vote, if you can't do that you forfeit your right to complain.

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