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Annoyed With The World

Been one of those days/ moments where I discover I am annoyed with the world. I don't recall this happening when I was younger, but maybe it did. Can't remember and don't know if I should care. Maybe it is lack of sleep or something else irking me, but whatever the driving force is I am tired of it. I suppose the positive part of that is it makes it easy to focus on getting stuff done. If you are looking for more substantive posts to read try here. Sex, Lies & Blogging- The Post That Went Viral…Again The Crazy Old Man Of Dad Blogging Dancing With Demons One Click Might Change Your Life The Elevator Ride From Hell About That Circle of Life Thing

Some Rules For Life

I remember a day from a time not so far past. I was walking down 42nd Street towards Times Square. It was the middle of July and the day was relatively warm. For a kid from L.A. the heat wouldn't have been noticeable but I was dressed in a suit and carrying a laptop. There was business to conduct. The sky was blue and relatively free of clouds. The usual noises of the city surrounded me. Cars, taxis, buses and people all moving in every direction, semi organized chaos. I was lost in thought about someone who had offered to pepper my pike. I'll let you wonder what that means, it doesn't really matter. As I walked someone stopped me on the street to ask directions. I laughed and told them that I was just another tourist wandering the streets. She looked at me and said that I looked so intent she assumed that I knew exactly where I was going and that I had to be a native. I smiled and told her that home was across the country and that I could answer any questions she might hav

A Gaggle Of Girls

Got a gaggle of girls in the house today for the never ending slumber party. Taking a quick moment of quiet to type these words before we head to the pool. Love seeing my daughter smile and having such a good time but I don't know how much I'll love it if they don't go to sleep at a relatively decent hour. Guess I am old and cranky. ;) As per my custom here are other posts to read: Your Best Posts Aren’t Always The Most Popular When Fathers Become Human 16 Sensational Ways To Murder Using Linkbait What Door Will You Choose? The Guest Post That Was Too Provocative To Run A Battle Between Heart & Head

Reality Check

Andrew Sullivan's post about Israel made me wonder what sort of reality he lives in. It is inaccurate, misinformed, misguided and wrong. Not to mention it is misleading and a mischaracterization of what is really happening. I suppose I should mention that the people he talks about in such loving terms, Hamas would kill or beat him for being gay. Sometimes we have to accept that the world doesn't think as we do or act as we wish they would. We like to believe that if we are nice to people they will be nice to us. We like to believe if we act in good faith they will to. Sadly that is the kind of thinking that can lead to your getting a boot in the behind and a shank in the ribs. Add a group of other people to those who need a reality check. If you keep telling us that you can criticize Israel and not be antisemitic you need to be certain that your protest isn't filled with antisemitic signs that suggest Hitler was right or chant Death To Jews. That brings to mind th

What Sherman Said

What Steiner said can be found here .

Spam I Am

Lately there has been an inordinate amount of spam attacking my blogs. I wonder how these spammers would feel if I shoved a rake up their behind, metal end first, and called it a thank you for the spam. Who Do We Thank For All This? Sometimes The Past Meets The Present Do People Think You Are Weird? Life In Transition Content Marketers Dance Naked With Feather Boas Fear Is A Writer’s Friend