July 15, 2014

Reality Check

Andrew Sullivan's post about Israel made me wonder what sort of reality he lives in. It is inaccurate, misinformed, misguided and wrong.

Not to mention it is misleading and a mischaracterization of what is really happening. I suppose I should mention that the people he talks about in such loving terms, Hamas would kill or beat him for being gay.

Sometimes we have to accept that the world doesn't think as we do or act as we wish they would. We like to believe that if we are nice to people they will be nice to us. We like to believe if we act in good faith they will to.

Sadly that is the kind of thinking that can lead to your getting a boot in the behind and a shank in the ribs.

Add a group of other people to those who need a reality check. If you keep telling us that you can criticize Israel and not be antisemitic you need to be certain that your protest isn't filled with antisemitic signs that suggest Hitler was right or chant Death To Jews.

That brings to mind the lovely protesters in France who attacked a synagogue. They aren't the only protest that turned violent.

In the past people have accused me of being barbaric for suggesting that such non violence should be met with the kind of love that puts you in a hospital but I believe sometimes it is necessary.

It reminds me of this moronic concept of disproportionate response. You can't walk up to someone and poke them in the eye and then cry if they hit you five times.

You can't kick someone and scream when they shoot you because they were sitting quietly and you assaulted them.

Yeah someone will come here and try to tell me how the analogy is wrong and that it is out of context. Well let's put it in these terms when the majority of your movement ignores the murder and chaos of Syria and points its fingers repeatedly at one country I don't pay attention to your claim of having the moral high ground.

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