Do You Lie To Yourself?

Still working on the theme of "do you lie to yourself" because I keep encountering people who just aren't being honest with themselves about what they do, what they want and why.

In some cases I get it and I know why they act as they do but at the same time life is so very short it makes me wonder who they are really protecting and who they are really hurting.

Meetings and Troublemaking

Off to a meeting which hopefully will be short. I hate when they get in the way of my troublemaking.

Did I mention that I have noticed that time constraints have had a negative impact on my writing, Hate when that happens, some hasn't been clear and some just hasn't happened because I have been too damn busy.

More on TheJackB.


Been busier today than I hoped to be so I have not been as active writing as I had intended.

I expect to gain a few minutes around the 10 O'clock hour to try to do some real writing.

Been thinking about taking a different approach with my fiction. Might try writing it backwards.

Meaning I'll think about how it ends first and then fill in the blanks that lead to it..

Saturday Night

If there ever was a sign that my Saturday nights are different than how I used to spend them it is the shopping list of grocery items that I have compiled in my head.

A quarter century ago I would have focused upon going out with the boys, fraternity parties and or girls/girlfriend time.

Not anymore, today this dad is going to the store and praying it is empty because it is Saturday night.

What a party animal.

But it is better than letting fear make me selfish.


Five Texas license plates in two days--that is a sign and a half to me.

I got the message and now I am asking for a bit of help to get things in gear. In the interim I am linking to random posts like How Far Away Are We Really? and This Time.


Because I am in the place beyond tired where your mind says you better slow the fuck down or we'll go on strike.

Part of me wants the strike to happen because it will lead to downtime and part of me says that is a stupid way to get it.

Most of me is anxiously waiting for answers to some questions that have been burning for way too long.

Life is more complicated than it needs to be and yet sometimes the answers are so very simple.

Tools For Increasing Engagement

No Time To Write

No time to write isn't entirely accurate because I have found time to write...some.

But I haven't had as much as I hoped for, want or need so I am going to need to do something about that.

If things go my way I expect to hit the main blog later tonight to add something meaningful to the other posts that lie within.

Might be tied into these How Do You Catch A Dragon? and Life Is About Painting A Picture or might be something else.

Those who want to know specifics will just have to check in later.

It Figures

Sometimes life is nothing but interesting.

Just finished my first week at a job that isn't bad, but isn't at the top of my list of things I want to do or places I want to be.

Five years ago I would have jumped at this and been really excited, but I am not that guy anymore. My goals are different and what I want has changed a bit.

I took it because I had to have some income and I couldn't sit on my hands waiting for something better to come along. I had other irons in the fire and I figured one of them might hit later on.

Sure enough, midway through Friday I receive an email from a guy who wants to know if I am still on the market and have I moved back yet.

I told him I am open to discussion and evaluating opportunities. We are supposed to schedule a call.

Don't know if an offer is coming or the specifics if one does but had to shake my head and smile. Can't say where this will lead, but I have this sense that I could end up packing the car sooner than later.

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