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Busy is As Busy Does

Been quite busy with family, projects and various holiday responsibilities so I haven't had time to devote here, but it hasn't been forgotten. It has just been pushed to the back burner so that I could tend to some more pressing issues and then circle back to this. Sometimes that is how life is. You have very important things that you want to focus upon, but you don't because there are other things that you must deal with first. It doesn't mean that the other things are more important. Instead it is a matter of your understanding that the thing you wish to focus upon is so strong it can wait a bit longer because when you clear your plate it will be that much easier to give it the attention it deserves. Life happens and we do our best to roll with it and sometimes we find the biggest reward comes afterwards.

Sailing In Stormy Weather

Been sailing in stormy weather lately and while part of me loves the adventure there is another piece that finds it disconcerting to try and navigate through such heavy fog There are rocks and reefs and all sorts of things that can tear a giant hole in my ship that could cripple and or sink it. One could consider dropping anchor to wait things out but when supplies are low and you aren't clear on how long it will be before you run out you find yourself walking the razor's edge. So I am not sailing at top speed but I am moving along at a pretty good clip which is still fast enough to cause problems should we encounter a rogue iceberg or other large object in the water.

The Moment Is Now

A Collection Of Links

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