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What Life Do You Lead

Got my usual five minutes to come up with a post that is captivating, compelling and meaningful so here is what I have for you. Are you living the life you want to live or are you passing through the days and dreaming about the life you wish you had. Some of you have asked me what my answer is and I can tell you without hesitation every day I work on living the life I want to live. That doesn't mean I am in hell or living a poor and unfulfilled life because I am not. But I am not where I want to be quite yet, getting closer every day and that is a big part of what keeps me going. I can see progress and I can see activity that will take me closer yet. There is joy in the journey and so much learning to come and so much that has been completed. What I know is that I can do more and be more and that is what I am striving for. Experience has proven to me that when I set a goal and work towards it I usually find success. Need more reading? Try these: The Most Brazen Approac

Blogging About Sex With Other Bloggers Is Frowned Upon

Haven't updated this in a bit so I thought I'd try a salacious title and see what happened. In the midst of it all I am thinking about how to identify my best and favorite posts over at the other blog. There is a distinction between best and different. More to come on that later. Killer Whales & Lions Taste Like Chicken Why Are You Blogging? When Are You Old Enough To Buy A Real Car? Does Your Writing Ever Bore You? 13 New Ways Social Media Hurts Your Intelligence 876 Surprising Ways Facebook Makes You Wish Your Life Was As Cool As Mine

The Update You Asked For

Some of you have been writing me because you wondered if I would tell about the great hosting debacle of 2014. Well I may share those words with you but today is not the day. Today all I have are links: What Kind Of Faith Do Writers Need? Stupid Social Media Tricks & Tips Would You Pay Your Favorite Bloggers To Blog? What Should We Do About Uninvited Guests On A Blog? Twitter Is Broken & Blogs Are Dead Women Who Say They Don’t Care About Size Are Lying