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He Hopes You'll Read These

Can you imagine what would happen if some blogger decided to write a very short introduction to a collection of posts he wrote because he hoped that one or more readers might actually click and read one. Did Bloggers Invent Kissing? The Story Of Three Bloggers & Two Buffoons Be The Blogger That Punched A Moose Unfriending Proves People Hate You Bloggers Should Write Like This Is She Still A Bitch? The Death Of All Things Is It A Sign Of Your Mortality? What Do People See In Your Eyes? Traveling Dad Hits The Friendly Skies...Again One Man Runs Away Another New Year's Eve Post No One Reads Family Is The Best & The Worst The Mostly True Confessions Of A Festivus Miracle Man You Should Go Where The Readers Are I Burned Your Elf On The Shelf I Can’t Forget & I Can’t Forgive The 17 Worst Ways To Avoid Dying No One Blogs About Blow Jobs Just Another Bomb Scare Too Much Sex & Blogging You Know How The Story Ends A Different Chanukah Celebration You

Is It Too Late To Say Happy New Year?

The answer is it is never too late to say Happy New Year. Ok, that is not entirely true, sometimes it is too late but in this case it is not. Why? Because it is the first week of January and I have been traveling so this is my first opportunity to say Happy New Year people. And to remind you that most of the crap I put out is being written over here .