Where It All Began

In many ways this is where it all began. This was might not have been the first official step back into writing but it is where I figured out that I was supposed to do it.

Where I figured out that the heart is the among the most powerful and most mysterious parts of our bodies and that sometimes yours is connected to another in ways you cannot explain nor fathom.

Sometimes all you can say is the heart wants what it wants and it doesn't give a damn about circumstances or situations because it doesn't operate based upon logic or reason.

It is tied into something deeper, more primal and less rational.

Every time I have ever tried to extinguish the fire or redirect I have gotten burned and so I learned my lesson.

Now I pay attention. Now I look to see what it is asking me to do and I pay attention to the path I am asked to follow.

Doesn't matter whether it is hot coals, a blizzard or a tsunami ahead of me either. I will walk the path because once I opened the door there was no closing it. Red dress, blue dress, it just doesn't matter.

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What Will Break First?

A friend and I had a conversation about my job search and how it has been going.

His first comment was about how much activity I have had and I had to agree with him. I have had quite a bit but activity isn't the same as receiving an offer.

When I mentioned that he told me I should try to maintain a positive outlook and feel good about things.

Since we have been friends for almost thirty years I didn't rip off his arms and beat him to death with them.

I am not a fan of platitudes that are shared without thought or meaning and that is often how people deliver them.

Don't worry, it will all work out is said far too often by people who don't really know if it will and use those words to fill the silence their omission would otherwise cause.

My buddy didn't say it for the sake of filling space or because he thought it was the appropriate thing to say and that was good enough for me. I knew what he meant and why.

But as I told him it is hard not to feel like I am slipping into a hole and hard not to be irritated because I am not sure what the hang up is.

It is possible it has little to nothing to do with me but it is also possible that I might be the source or cause of this,

I am mature enough to want to know the real reason because if it is something I am doing then it is possible I can fix it.

And if it is not, well it is not the first time I have had to deal with bad timing.

Either way I'll get through this moment and I'll find a way to make it work but if you ask me what will break first I'll tell you I don't know.

Might be a job, or it might be me.

Trusting My Gut

Been through at least a dozen interviews the last month or so and thus far none have officially panned out.

Makes me a little crazy because a full third or more haven't said yes or no to me. They just went silent and I don't know why.

I understand the urgency I feel isn't the same for them and one or more might still come through. It wouldn't surprise me to get a call and be told to be in city XZY in two weeks for the new job or to continue hearing nothing at all.

Reminds me of college when I would hear stories about how someone would break up with others by slowly fading away.

They never said it was over, they just stopped calling and or talking to the other person.

Eventually the other person 'got the idea' that it was done and that was it. 

Except this is business and I just can't understand who thinks it is appropriate to treat people like this.

How hard is it to send someone a short email letting them know what their status is.

That is a rhetorical question, it is not hard.

Trusting My Gut

That is what I am doing now, trusting my gut. I am going with what I feel and sense because I have to believe in something.

One of these is going to hit sooner than later otherwise I'll be opening my hut on the beach sooner than expected.

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Sometimes you can be shocked by how much something bothers you because you never expected to feel that way.

Certain moments in life make it crystal clear that you are on the right or wrong path and so you respond.

I am generally not a fan of responding or reacting because I prefer to be proactive but sometimes you don't know how something will affect you until it happens.

My heart looks east.

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