March 31, 2015

Where It All Began

In many ways this is where it all began. This was might not have been the first official step back into writing but it is where I figured out that I was supposed to do it.

Where I figured out that the heart is the among the most powerful and most mysterious parts of our bodies and that sometimes yours is connected to another in ways you cannot explain nor fathom.

Sometimes all you can say is the heart wants what it wants and it doesn't give a damn about circumstances or situations because it doesn't operate based upon logic or reason.

It is tied into something deeper, more primal and less rational.

Every time I have ever tried to extinguish the fire or redirect I have gotten burned and so I learned my lesson.

Now I pay attention. Now I look to see what it is asking me to do and I pay attention to the path I am asked to follow.

Doesn't matter whether it is hot coals, a blizzard or a tsunami ahead of me either. I will walk the path because once I opened the door there was no closing it. Red dress, blue dress, it just doesn't matter.

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