January 18, 2020

Hello SQ

Sometimes you look at the stats and you say hello to people you recognize and sometimes you wonder who the fuck the others are.

Should I speak my mind or say little about reasons why people ought to take calculated risks. Probably not time to speak in more detail here.

January 08, 2020

Into the Unknown

Racing into the unknown I go, operating more upon gut and instinct than anything else.

Visualizing a time where dreams meet reality and discussion helps move possibility to opportunity.

There is only so much time in which we can wander and wonder before there is no more time. Sometimes death gets in the way and sometimes it is other things.

January 03, 2020

She Misses Us

The Shmata Queen came to me in a dream and said she misses us and that she really misses me.

She said the last time she was on her back she closed her eyes and for just a minute thought I was there.

She said she doesn't want to tell me in person or share such thoughts aloud for she fears where they might lead.

I told her it could mean me in her mouth and she hit me, 'be serious.'

'I am, it would definitely happen because we both like it.

She told me to remember this when I woke and to help her remember. I promised I'd try and reminded her about how stubborn she can be.

'You still know how to get to me. Keep the faith.'

When I woke I whispered these words and walked into the future.

December 26, 2019

Guess I Am The Boss

Realized the other day that I can say guess I am the boss and act on it or just be silent because she and I both know I am the boss in certain areas.

It works for us and she appreciates knowing I am going to wrap my hands in her hair and kiss her hard on the mouth.

It is not a question of if, but when because some things aren't stopped, they are just placed on hold and I am tired of the elevator music. ;)