March 29, 2020


Building off of the prior post some situations make it clear that not only is there a connection, but you miss some people when they aren't around.

March 24, 2020

Those We Are Connected To

Been thinking quite a bit about those we are connected to and those we may disconnect with.

All this time together and all this time apart provides...opportunity for much.

March 14, 2020

Who Am I

Still laughing about the woman who told me how amazing my daughters were and how I was about to tell her when that Shmata queen showed up.

That woman told SQ that we were just talking about your girls, except she meant it as in 'our girls' which is a different story altogether.

Made me wonder who she thinks I am in this picture. Does she think I am the ex or the current?

Could have said I do know the one in the biblical sense but that would have been TMI for that situation, but pretty damn funny nonetheless.