Stories And More

Oh, if only I didn't have a 9 AM meeting the stories I would write at length in one of these joints.

But I can't allow myself to get into tales of legs, dark eyes, souls and connections---at least not tonight.

Maybe tomorrow or the next day, the magic will flow freely somewhere.

Shmata Queen Musings

Been drinking Scotch for long enough to feel the effects and am tempted to tell the Shmata Queen what I really think but probably won't unless it is face to face.

Got lots to say if I choose to speak but again some things have to be done in person just because.

Light Up Her Lips

Told that Shmata Queen that if she is lucky I am going to light up her lips again. She can't decide if she can handle it cuz it was that powerful before but she isn't willing to just walk away either.

The things I can do to her... ;)

Wrapped Around Me

Wrote a girl a letter and suggest she ought to wrap herself around and me and let me wrap my arms around her.

Felt her go through a bunch of thoughts and feelings about doing so and told her sooner or later it was going to happen cuz we're meant to use the scientific method to determine the future.

Can't do it unless we conduct a true experiment now can we.

Pallywood Posts

 I think a bunch of the posts about Pallywood that have been written and or linked here have to be updated. Probably a bunch of bad links, k...