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Five Minutes

Got about five minutes to clear my head and catch my breath. Five minutes to try to figure out why I can't make the square piece fit inside the circle. Blame it on the four state traveling circus I just completed. Old man is foggy headed and feeling a bit slower than normal, but I'll power through it because that is just how it has to be. Crazy to think that a couple days ago I was living in a very different world than I am now. But I figure this is just one of those transitional moments people go through. And now onto the blogs that pay me for writing.

Is It Time To Declare War on Finland?

The headline above is tied into the quote below from Animal House and the picture that follows: Bluto : What the fuck happened to the Delta I used to know? Where's the spirit? Where's the guts, huh? This could be the greatest night of our lives, but you're gonna let it be the worst. "Ooh, we're afraid to go with you Bluto, we might get in trouble." Well just kiss my ass from now on! Not me! I'm not gonna take this. Wormer, he's a dead man! Marmalard, dead! Niedermeyer... Otter : Dead! Bluto's right. Psychotic... but absolutely right. We gotta take these bastards. Now we could do it with conventional weapons, but that could take years and cost millions of lives. No, I think we have to go all out. I think that this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part! Bluto : We're just the guys to do it. D-Day : [ stands up ] Yeah, I agree. Let's go get 'em. Boon : Let's do it.

No One Listens Anymore

Sometimes it feels very much like no one is listening online because they are too busy promoting their posts, tweets, pins and FB status updates. Maybe am guilty of this too. Maybe I am another person who is too busy talking about my life to listen or talk about yours, But I am not the first person to notice there are fewer conversations going on around here and who knows what the real reason is or if it matters. Did I tell you about my latest posts: The Police Will Arrest You For Trying To Give Congress An Enema This Is The Reason I Shot Him What Is The Value Of A Comment? Well Hung Bloggers Make More Money Understanding The Popularity Of Your Most Popular Posts I’ll Drive All Night

You Are Banned From The Blog

During the past 1,093 years of my blogging career I have encountered all sorts of people. Most have been great and have added to the experience. However it hasn't always worked that way. People are people and you aren't going to get along with everyone. Some of the folks that have hung out got nasty and I told them in no uncertain terms to get lost. The blog is my cyberhome and if you behave in a fashion that I don't like I will throw your ass out. So there have been people I asked to leave, people who for one reason or another had to go. Most of the time the parting of ways was simple and uncomplicated. Sometimes it required more and I banned their IP. Most of the time that ended things but every now and then I would see something that made me wonder if they were stalking the blog using another IP address. Always made me wonder what they were hoping to do, what they wanted to accomplish. Did they want attention? Were they asking for me to acknowledge them and did t