October 09, 2013

You Are Banned From The Blog

During the past 1,093 years of my blogging career I have encountered all sorts of people. Most have been great and have added to the experience.

However it hasn't always worked that way. People are people and you aren't going to get along with everyone. Some of the folks that have hung out got nasty and I told them in no uncertain terms to get lost.

The blog is my cyberhome and if you behave in a fashion that I don't like I will throw your ass out. So there have been people I asked to leave, people who for one reason or another had to go. Most of the time the parting of ways was simple and uncomplicated.

Sometimes it required more and I banned their IP. Most of the time that ended things but every now and then I would see something that made me wonder if they were stalking the blog using another IP address.

Always made me wonder what they were hoping to do, what they wanted to accomplish. Did they want attention? Were they asking for me to acknowledge them and did they understand that if I did it would be hostile?

And I couldn't help but wonder why would they try to spend time in a place where they weren't welcome or wanted.

Sometimes I think about closing up shop or turning this joint into a password protected venue. Of course it is possible that it is just a bot scraping the pages, but I wonder...

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