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Clicks and Ads

Mixed things up slightly here just to see if I could make a few bucks off of the ads. Don't know if it will work but figured it was worth a try for no reason other than just because... If it doesn't work there is nothing lost and if it does well that is pretty damn cool...I think. Might make enough to take the Shmata Queen out to dinner for her birthday. Hell, I'll do it regardless, but why not try,

Scary Times

Put out some heartfelt stuff for a woman and got no response. Some would say silence is a big no, some would say it is neither a yes or a no and others will say something different. As for me, well I am not going to analyze it because I have seen it be a no, seen it be a yes and seen it be something in between because it is easier not to commit to one or the other when you don't know what to say. I get it. Hard to ask someone to take a chance when it is so complicated and it feels easier to stick with what you know. Hard not to take a chance when you don't think what you have is good and you are convinced you can do better. Of course timing is everything and this timing is killing me because work is ridiculous now. It is kicking my ass but not because I am bad at what I do but because the tools and resources are lacking. And the numbers that are tied into said tools and resources aren't really appropriate for me but I am not sure how to make that clear in a way

The Big Ask

Looked up at a full moon not long ago and whispered the Shmata Queen's name and said I know it is a big ask and it might not be granted, answered or accepted. Closed my eyes and went looking for her, found her staring back at me. She smiled but I knew not whether it was an echo of the girl who used to hold my hand. Told her I might see her in the echoes of the future or maybe not. Walked away, turned around and saw her still smiling.