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Transitions and Delusions

"And then I run 'til the breath tears my throat 'Til the pain hits my side As if I run fast enough I can leave all the pain and the sadness behind" Rain In The Summertime - The Alarm It was a time of transitions and delusions. A time of choice and a time of chance. It was like old Mr. Dickens had termed the best of times and the worst of times, or so Johnny thought. The summer had been filled with some of the best moments he had ever had and the worst. It had been a roller coaster ride of epic proportions and he was exhausted by it. Too many ups and downs and not enough time on the old straight and narrow had taken a severe toll on him. He didn't have to look in the mirror to see it. All he had to do was put on a shirt or a pair of pants and the impact was obvious. She was out there somewhere in the ether and he was...elsewhere. Most of the time he was fine and life was good but there were those other moments. Moments where he imagined that he was lik

Time Stand Still

A post for Write On Edge This week’s assignment will require the fewest number of words ever: we want you to write a story – your choice of topic – as a tweet. That’s right. One hundred and forty characters. Not words. Characters. Eyes close, lips brush…time stops. Eyes open…empty room…Empty heart. Hope that echoes of the past become reality of the future. #loveburns If you are interested in reading past submissions you can find them below: Wind and Waves Donuts A Detour 1974 The Day Joy Left My Life Preserve Your Memories August The Flying Clown The Kitchen One Slightly Used Pump For Sale The Song of My Heart Has Gone Silent Grandpa Five Minutes Endless Blue Skies And then the world shifted I Hear Music A Fire In The Sky The Telephone Call She Wore A Red Dress Song Sung Blue…And Other Colors When Simply Awful became Simply Wonderful A Mugger A Jealous Man She Was Wrong It Was Just Coffee The Mistress of Tongue Dancing Didn’t Make Him Charming An

I Really Should Be Packing

I really should be packing and not writing but I am feeling a bit off kilter so an adjustment is necessary. This moment, this place and this blog are all a part of that. That is not to say that the mighty blog known as TheJackB does not offer it because it does- but sometimes we need different refuges. And this blog feels a lot like the kind of home I need at this time. This place is where I learned more about myself than I can possibly tell you. This place taught me a million different things about life and myself. This blog feels like my favorite pair or jeans or the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever worn. It is a cyber refuge and one that I need desperately. It is my Fortress of Solitude and right now it is giving me that moment to catch my breath. I don't need much time here. Just a few brief moments and I remember who I am and what I am about. For a while I think that I might have gotten lost. For a while I became less than I was and not who I should be- but

Weekend Reading

If you are in need of new reading material you can always try: The Story Of A House- The Final Days Words A Moment In Time A Post I Hope You’ll Read Version 765 Teach Your Children To Be Responsible With Money The Final Goodbye

Are They Echoes Of The Past Or Harbingers Of The Future

Johnny tilted his head back, took a sip of beer and stared out at the ocean.  It had been months since he had last spoken to June and he was beginning to wonder if the past was nothing more than a dream he had once had. The time he had any sort of interaction with June she had called him delusional and insinuated that she had long since moved on. Johnny told her that he didn't believe her and made a point to not contact her. It wasn't because of insecurity or fear that he didn't reach out because he really didn't believe that she had moved on. There were too many things that contradicted that. He didn't think that she had changed her basic character and knew that in the past she would have said something like that just to try and make him keep his distance. It is always easy to say goodbye when you are angry and if he knew June she had a list of things that he had done to piss her off. It wasn't hard to imagine her carrying that list around with her, ready

I'm On Fire

My seventies girl has jet black hair, dark eyes and legs that look like they could wrap around me twice. I look out the window and watch as she parks the car. She looks up at the building and for a moment my heart stops. I know that she can't see me, but I can't help but step back from the window. My phone rings but I don't have to look at the Caller ID to know that it is her calling me. It is early in the morning so my voice is husky and a tad deeper than normal. "I am walking to the elevator now," she says. I don't realize that I haven't answered her and I stare out the window and watch as she walks towards the entrance. "Are you still there or did I lose you," she asks. I apologize and mumble some sort of excuse as to why I didn't respond. My mouth is suddenly dry and I worry that my breath stinks. I squeak out a "See you in a moment" and make a dash to the bathroom to brush my teeth again. I look in the mirror and say &