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A Writing Exhibition

Thought about writing about Daniel and Anne here, would be the first time in years but decided to hold off on it. I am JAMMED, SWAMPED and CRAZED because I have so much writing to do. I look at my To-Do list and I see Hercules fighting the Hydra. Yeah, I am comparing myself to Hercules here but unlike our mythological hero I am not the son of a god nor imbued with superhuman strength. Still I like to say I am the son of a really good guy and blessed with more strength than most men. The astrological types tell me that it comes with being a Taurus but I can't tell you if that is true or not. Experience has shown I have more natural strength than most and when I am dedicated to lifting the size/bulk comes quickly. But I haven't ever figured out what benefits physical strength give writers when we have to sit down and pound out the stories. Ok, that is not entirely true I can name a few things but their benefit is questionable, unless we are talking about how many times we

Hosting Issues Gone Wild

I don't even want to get into just how crazy things have been on the main blog lately. The Mighty JackB has run into rough waters and after more than a little nonsense we have moved hosts. Right now I am migrating from the old host to the new so there is a placeholder page letting people know that things are happening. It has been one hell of a hassle but with some luck when it is completed the new host will help turn the joint into something more than it has been. Faster loading pages make a difference, time will tell.

The House Is Rockin'

Thankful for many things this Sunday night, good friends, good people, great memories and all sorts of ideas. Almost time to string these stories together . Got to git for a bit but I'll be back later tonight. and What is wrong with a little tongue .

How To Do What Is Required

Sometimes we spend too much time asking how to do something and not enough doing whatever it is that has to be done. Granted there is merit in trying to figure things out so that you don't make mistakes and don't have to work harder but there is also a time when you cannot ask questions because no one will know the answer. The answer to how is to "try" and to figure out how to fly before you hit the ground. Sometimes you won't make it and you'll remember the thump you made when you hit the ground but many times you will and few things are more rewarding than knowing you figured it out. So remember when you ask me how it is I do what I do and why I succeed when it appears I shouldn't and know it is not because I know things but because I took a chance and it worked out.

And Then Came This

Had this image of walking into The Shmata Queen's office unannounced to start an impromptu Hokey Pokey. Can't say for certain what sort of response this would drive so I would come armed with chocolate and or some other foods she enjoys. But that is neither here nor there, just narishkeit. Instead what I want to focus on is asking you who read this to join me in a social media experiment. Become a fan of this page . And then I want You to put your right hand in, You put your right hand out, You put your right hand in, And you shake it all about, You do the hokey pokey. And you turn yourself around... Enjoy that earworm for a bit and then go read these: 1,098,848 Things I Want To Teach My Children Are Your Posts Authentically Sterile? The 4th Grade Bully The Sex Was Great Until She Used Her Teeth Why Your Post Sucks and Everyone Hates Your Blog You Seem A Decent Fellow. I Hate To Kill You.

Nothing Makes Sense

Have you ever had a moment where you realize that nothing makes sense. One of those moments where you look around and wonder when that happen because it used to be that everything made sense and you can't figure out what changed. Sure you can point at some pivotal moments and know they played a role but what really throws you is that it feels like someone flipped a switch because moments ago all was fine and is not. Maybe it is because for a long while life was like a dream and then it was a nightmare and then it turned into something else. Maybe when you go through something like that you can't help but be different when you come out the other side. Maybe this sense of uncertainty is just part of adapting and adjusting to the new normal and given a little bit of time that switch will be flipped again and all will be good. Or maybe it is just a lack of coffee in general.