March 03, 2014

Nothing Makes Sense

Have you ever had a moment where you realize that nothing makes sense. One of those moments where you look around and wonder when that happen because it used to be that everything made sense and you can't figure out what changed.

Sure you can point at some pivotal moments and know they played a role but what really throws you is that it feels like someone flipped a switch because moments ago all was fine and is not.

Maybe it is because for a long while life was like a dream and then it was a nightmare and then it turned into something else. Maybe when you go through something like that you can't help but be different when you come out the other side.

Maybe this sense of uncertainty is just part of adapting and adjusting to the new normal and given a little bit of time that switch will be flipped again and all will be good.

Or maybe it is just a lack of coffee in general.

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