That Shmata Queen

 That Shmata Queen ought to agree that it is time to lock lips again and find out what lies beneath the surface.


 Thanksgiving 2020 is in the books, what a wild and wacky year it has been. Grateful we're all healthy and working on keeping that going.

Shmata Queen Musings

 I expect the Shmata Queen to show up here sooner or later to read through some of my musings. Might be interesting to her, might not be.

Not nearly as good as the conversations in persons would be. That is what ought to happen. Better to go harder and deeper, remove roadblocks and potential for misunderstanding.

Missed A Few

 Haven't updated this joint in a while because I had a thought about an SQ post/update.

Obviously haven't done it yet but still might, am waiting on a couple of things to fall into place and then we'll see what kind of nonsense to share.

Kind of torn up this morning so I am not up to doing/saying much more and I have people around who are endlessly annoying, but updates are coming.

Well SQ...

 Well SQ,

I do believe I have left you messages here and there but the most important one will only come in person because it won't be understood or felt in its entirety otherwise.


Second post with a dammit, previous was along these lines because sometimes you just miss certain people more than you might want to.

Damn Pandemic

Damn pandemic is wreaking havoc and getting in the way of hanging out with my favorite broad. ;) Wonder who I need to feed again. ;)

One Kiss

Yeah, it is that one kiss post again. In the name of science I need to conduct an experiment and determine if my hypothesis is true or false.

C'mon SQ, it will be worth your time.

Messing Around

Been messing around with code, might have broken things on the blog.

Still think the post before about SQ is true.

A Damn Shame

Told SQ that is a damn shame I haven't spent the last two months wearing her out in our secret world.

Would have been great for our mental health and given us more than a few moments of cardiovascular work which is good for our physical health.

Well, there is still time to explore this down the road a bit.

One Day

One day woman we'll do it all again. We'll get a chance to revisit the magic our bodies create, not a question of it but when.

That is what the Magic 8 ball said. ;)

Will It Happen?

If you ask if I think it will happen my honest answer is yes, I really.

I can give you a long list of reasons and provide logic behind them, but I won't do it here.

Things We Want

He told her he wanted a blow job but needed a hug. Ok, I need both and more than that but want them also.

Would be happy to have an in-person conversation about it one day...when this damn virus isn't wreaking havoc,


Building off of the prior post some situations make it clear that not only is there a connection, but you miss some people when they aren't around.

Those We Are Connected To

Been thinking quite a bit about those we are connected to and those we may disconnect with.

All this time together and all this time apart provides...opportunity for much.

Who Am I

Still laughing about the woman who told me how amazing my daughters were and how I was about to tell her when that Shmata queen showed up.

That woman told SQ that we were just talking about your girls, except she meant it as in 'our girls' which is a different story altogether.

Made me wonder who she thinks I am in this picture. Does she think I am the ex or the current?

Could have said I do know the one in the biblical sense but that would have been TMI for that situation, but pretty damn funny nonetheless.

Dear Woman Of My Dreams Part II

Technically this doesn't totally relate to part one, but then again maybe it does.

Standing outside the winery waiting to say goodbye CC comes up to me and apologizes because she says she doesn't remember my name.

I tell her and she tells me loves reading about our girls. "Your big one has her choice of colleges and your younger one is pretty amazing too."

I was about to tell her she was mistaken as to my role there when you came out and she said we were talking about them.

Would of said something but your mom was making sure you knew who taught you everything and so I just laughed and let it go.

Funny times.

Dear Woman Of My Dreams

Took one hell of a nap and actually had a dream in which you played a feature roll.

Don't know where we were, but I kissed you and then you asked me how long I was going to wait to ask for your mouth.

I said 'why' and you said you couldn't imagine me not asking because you 'know me.'

I laughed and asked and you smiled and went to take care of things. It may have been only a dream, but dammit, it reminded me of how well we get along.

We just fit each other. You know, we balance each other out in and make one heck of a union team.

You Only Know Part Of What I Want

You're wondering if I am only looking to get back into your pants or if I am trying to more than that. Asking yourself if I have a plan besides getting head and the occasional romp in the sack.

And you are wondering if I really have thought about all this entails and whether I have a plan. You're thinking about whether I am crazy or if just maybe there really is more magic in the moonlight.

Or maybe you are really wondering if your pedestrian palate can keep up with my far more experienced and adventurous system.

What you really should do is just shut up and kiss me. Your heart, soul and body are still mine. You know it and I know it.

Submit. :D

PS Was this serious or silly.

What Has Been Read

Not entirely sure what has been read and what hasn't. Maybe some, and maybe all.

Got this idea that the kingdom needs to be opened up so the secret garden can be walked through and used for intimate conversation.

There are lots of reasons for it not the least of which is recognition some times there is strength that comes from admitting weakness.

The new position is really good, but it is hard learning shit again and there is so very much to learn. Maybe I am farther along than I think I am, but maybe I am not.

Sometimes you just want a hug and a friendly voice to say you are doing the best you can and sometimes you want crazy sex, one hell of a blow job and a chance to smile at someone and say who could have ever predicted that life would be like this.

It is one hell of a ride sometimes.

Pushing Hard

Been pushing hard in so many areas that I sometimes wonder how I continue to stand. Been working to make a better future and to get answers to ideas.

Sometimes I think about opening my arms wide to see who comes walking in of their own accord and who ignores the opportunity.

Sometimes I think fear is based upon reality but most of the time I think it is a bullshit excuse.

No risk, no rewards.

Where Love Began

Been thinking a bit that this joint isn't the precise place where love began, but it certainly contributed its share to it.

Been thinking about lots of things and wondering if my thoughts are solely mine or maybe shared in parts and places.

Submit Part 3

Ok Shmataleh, those lips will be mine again, I know cuz the Magic 8 Ball, the gypsy woman who sells Love Potion Number 9, Pasqualina and some brunette with long legs, dark eyes and whose name rhymes with yours said so.

Damn if I am not ridiculously tired, over tired for certain, Oy.

But anyway, I can't argue with the wheels of fate and destiny. woohoo!

Submit Part 2

C'mon woman, let's warm up those lips and admit that not only will it feel amazing, it will feel like no time has passed.

Submit baby.


SQ, you know it is getting to be about that time. You know the lip-locking will make you melt and the electricity will light you up in all the right ways and places.

Sooner or later the time will come and so will you. :)

Someone needs a big hug and we both know the gypsy woman said a smart lady listens to the smart man who can help heal them.

Come sit on my lap and let's talk about whatever pops up.

Hello SQ

Sometimes you look at the stats and you say hello to people you recognize and sometimes you wonder who the fuck the others are.

Should I speak my mind or say little about reasons why people ought to take calculated risks. Probably not time to speak in more detail here.

Into the Unknown

Racing into the unknown I go, operating more upon gut and instinct than anything else.

Visualizing a time where dreams meet reality and discussion helps move possibility to opportunity.

There is only so much time in which we can wander and wonder before there is no more time. Sometimes death gets in the way and sometimes it is other things.

She Misses Us

The Shmata Queen came to me in a dream and said she misses us and that she really misses me.

She said the last time she was on her back she closed her eyes and for just a minute thought I was there.

She said she doesn't want to tell me in person or share such thoughts aloud for she fears where they might lead.

I told her it could mean me in her mouth and she hit me, 'be serious.'

'I am, it would definitely happen because we both like it.

She told me to remember this when I woke and to help her remember. I promised I'd try and reminded her about how stubborn she can be.

'You still know how to get to me. Keep the faith.'

When I woke I whispered these words and walked into the future.

Pallywood Posts

 I think a bunch of the posts about Pallywood that have been written and or linked here have to be updated. Probably a bunch of bad links, k...