Time For Changes

I am done with this moment in time and this period of my life. Done all I can do and it is time for changes.

Tired of working harder than I should to get less than I need let alone want.

So I am done.

The end has come and now it is just a matter of figuring out how.

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What Does 11 Years Of Blogging Provide

What does 11 years of blogging and calling yourself a dad blogger provide you with?

It is a question I think I should answer but I am not sure how I am going to approach it yet. I figure I'll run it on the main blog and that some of it will be tied into what you see below.
But there are other post and influences that I have to consider. More to come on this later.

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It Is Black And White Or Is It

There was a time many years ago when I saw life in black and white terms. Things were one way or they were another and it was only on rare occasions I allowed for them to occupy shades of gray.

Somewhere during the last decade or maybe before, who can remember, I recognized things were different.

It wasn't necessarily by choice and it wasn't by desire.

Experience provided me with ample reason to look at the world in a different way and I left the shelter of black and white.

It doesn't mean there aren't things to me that are black and white because there are many but it is not like it once was.

And so I have reached a crossroads where I feel like I am staring at a 'will or won't' moment. Things will go one way and I'll cross the bridge or they'll go another and I'll fall off of the bridge.

Given a choice I'll cross because falling off is going to hurt and though I can take it I have no desire to do so.

Fact is I write I can take it more for me than for you. It is a reminder.

I keep looking at this bridge wondering if maybe there is another way other than the two I see before me but I can't find it.

Sort of scares me...sort of.

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The Life We Lead

Been thinking about how the life we lead today may not be the one we lead tomorrow and how often that is a good thing.

There is an ebb and flow that comes with it all and hopefully an evolution that includes growth. That is my oblique way of saying I am in the middle of a period of change that will lead to growth or maybe growth is already taking place.

Sometimes it is hard to determine what is what until you are able to put some distance between where you were and where you are.

I am more excited than nervous about the changes that are coming. Mostly I am curious to see how big or small they turn out to be. If it goes as I suspect it could be major, but I won't know for certain until it happens.

Hard to be patient.

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The Only Picture

They look at the only picture that exists of them and smile. It is not "professional grade quality" but it is them and they waited a long time to take it.

She looks at him and asks when there will be more and he says the time will come when one will turn into two and that will lead to hundreds.

It is only a matter of time.

The echoes of that conversation linger but there haven't been any more pictures...yet.

Just A Headline

Every no leads one step closer to yes of this I have no doubt but I also have learned people have a complete disregard for your time.

Can't tell you how many ask me to turn things around on a dime and then demonstrate unprofessional attitudes and a lack of courtesy.

Still trying to decide if stress is the cause of certain issues or if age and hard living have caught up with me. I know for certain a dentist is going to spend too much time working on my mouth and I am hopeful that a surgeon won't get the same pleasure elsewhere.

Hard to say without a visit, but I tend to think the problem would be there all the time and not just occasionally which is why stress seems to be the logical culprit.

All I ask for now is for things to fall back into place and for me to gain an extended period of time where life is both normal and easy.

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I wrote it in October of 2007 when she was all of 7 and playing with dolls. Geez, learn to read.

A Placeholder For Nonsense

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I made the mistake of including too many Midwesterners in these discussions.

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