February 10, 2015

Just A Headline

Every no leads one step closer to yes of this I have no doubt but I also have learned people have a complete disregard for your time.

Can't tell you how many ask me to turn things around on a dime and then demonstrate unprofessional attitudes and a lack of courtesy.

Still trying to decide if stress is the cause of certain issues or if age and hard living have caught up with me. I know for certain a dentist is going to spend too much time working on my mouth and I am hopeful that a surgeon won't get the same pleasure elsewhere.

Hard to say without a visit, but I tend to think the problem would be there all the time and not just occasionally which is why stress seems to be the logical culprit.

All I ask for now is for things to fall back into place and for me to gain an extended period of time where life is both normal and easy.

And now for some easy reading:

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