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Where To Live

There is a certain pleasure in knowing you are moving but not knowing where the next location will be. To be clear, some of the timing on this isn't what I would classify as prime time but when opportunity knocks you answer or accept that you missed a window. So I answered the knock and now I am waiting upon multiple people to make some decisions that will help me determine what the appropriate next step and location will be. Good times, good times.

What Kind of Writing Can You Find?

If the question is what kind of writing can you find me doing I'll answer by providing you with links to stories and posts from the main joint . Blacklisted Secrets Bloggers Refuse To Share What Kind Of Person/Father Are You? Do You Need A Reason To Blog? Can Blogging Help Us See The Future? "New" Parents Are Obnoxious How A Writer Writes Words, Music & Pictures Are Powerful Losing Readers Is Good For Your Blog The Blog Posts No One Reads 783 Reasons Why Family Photos Make Me Crazy Why You Should Blog At Midnight 987 Critical Challenges Every Blogger Faces Maybe Dad Ought To Buy Facebook Fans & A Life