How Many Times Have You Been Married

When they asked me I told them I didn't remember but thought it was somewhere between 1 and 7. They sort of scrunched up their face and I told them I wasn't sure if I had ever officially married or divorced number two.

They asked if I had convinced number two to marry me by making her feel like number one and I said no, just a steady supply of bananas had been enough.

That led to being called a bit of a jerk and me responding with, a bit of a storyteller too. :)

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The Knife

Stabbed in the back, somewhere between the shoulder blades, close to that center place where I couldn't quite reach.

Wasn't a mortal wound, wasn't the kind of thing that would kill me immediately, but it was enough to hurt like hell. Can't say whether the rage that came with the blade was because of the physical or the mental pain.

Probably doesn't matter. I just know what it did, how it felt and what it made me want to do.

The Coolest Thing That Came From Blogging

The coolest thing I ever got to do because of blogging might be the time I got to drive a Ferrari 458 Italia.

But then again, if I think long and hard about it there might be some other things that rank a few notches above that.

Might have to blog about it all and see about sorting it out. Still, it was one hell of a cool thing and something that I won't ever forget. Might have to do it again, there is something primal attached to driving a beast like that.

Time To Change

Sometimes when it is time to change the thing you need most is time to make the change.

A Waste Of Energy

It is a waste of energy to get pissed off about things and people that are in the past but every now and then I succumb to that particular bogeyman.

Saw some people who were involved in my daughter's life and thought about walking up to them and slapping them. They deserve it and it would feel good but I don't really need to get arrested and they'll never understand why.

Awful people who shouldn't work with kids...ever.

I suppose that what bothers me the most is that I feel like I probably should have pulled my kid from their program long before I did. That was my mistake.

She doesn't think about it anymore and no long-term damage was done, but it irks me.

Sometimes I wonder if I am going to turn in a kindly old man, someone who is more tolerant and more patient and then stupid crap comes up in my life and I want to slap the people who bring it and I think it might be a while before I can be that guy because based upon appearances it is not happening any time soon.

The world is great, it is people who are...less so.

Golda Knew What She Wanted

Golda Meir would have been quite interesting to have met and spoken with. I have read her biography and spoken with people who knew her, but there is a difference between reading, hearing and knowing.

Just read this piece here and thought about how remarkable she was. Some of you will read these words and think of her in less than favorable terms, but consider who she was, when she lived and what she did.

Addicted to political activity

Even though Golda renounced family life to a great extent, she never renounced romance or intimacy. She was surrounded by admirers. According to Goldstein, the most prominent of them was Zalman Shazar, who had an intimate relationship with her for many years even though he was married to Rachel Katznelson, one of the leaders of the Yishuv, and according to rumor also had a stormy love affair with the poet Rachel (Bluwstein).

Golda had affairs with Shazar and David Remez at the same time.

Sometimes she would prefer Shazar, and at other times she would prefer Remez.

She had many other romantic relationships as well. In the Jewish Yishuv, rumors spread about affairs with Zalman Aran, who later became the secretary of Mapai, and later a member of Knesset and a government minister.

Another romantic partner was Yaakov Hazan, the leader of Hashomer Hatzair. But she gave her admirers only a little of her time.

Her days, nights, weekends and holidays were devoted to serving the party and the Histadrut, its institutions and its needs. “She was addicted,” Goldstein writes in his book, “obsessed with the political activity that filled her entire being.”

Later, Golda had an affair with Henry Montor, a good-looking and impressive Canadian, who was the vice president of the United Jewish Appeal and seven years her junior. According to the gossip at the time, she also had a relationship of sorts with Berl Katznelson. At the time, there were also rumors that she might have been involved with Ben-Gurion as well.

Almost 20 years

Next week marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of this spot. Hard to believe, not many have kept going since then. I have barely kept up...