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I thought it was Interesting

Helter Skelter

Helter Skelter is the word and the song of the moment. I feel like I am back in the midst of the storm and I am doing my damnedest to stay in the eye. I am doing my best to just take things as they come and to let it all unfold. Life always seems to be easier when I do that but it is not easy. My nature isn't to be so relaxed about some things. Kind of funny to me because in some areas I have tremendous patience and others...not so much. This time of life is rougher because it is a particularly long transition and I am not living where I want to be. Sometimes that frustrates me because I want to make time move faster than it is. And then I think about all that happens when time move faster and it is bittersweet. I Lost Her Forever How Parent Bloggers Are Killing Blogging What The Hell Is A 21st Century Father? It’s No Fun Getting Arrested Sometimes Father Doesn’t Know Best The Most Staggering Adrenaline Rush…Ever

Women Are Trouble- Math Doesn't Lie

Originally posted here . Per special request: You Can’t Ignore The Power Of Pictures Do You Wander With Purpose? Read The Joy of How To Play With Telemarketers People Scream In Cyberspace But Nobody Listens 83,168 Mistakes Every Writer Makes Who is Tougher Mr. Spock or Darth Vader? What Makes You A Man?