You Only Know Part Of What I Want

You're wondering if I am only looking to get back into your pants or if I am trying to more than that. Asking yourself if I have a plan besides getting head and the occasional romp in the sack.

And you are wondering if I really have thought about all this entails and whether I have a plan. You're thinking about whether I am crazy or if just maybe there really is more magic in the moonlight.

Or maybe you are really wondering if your pedestrian palate can keep up with my far more experienced and adventurous system.

What you really should do is just shut up and kiss me. Your heart, soul and body are still mine. You know it and I know it.

Submit. :D

PS Was this serious or silly.

What Has Been Read

Not entirely sure what has been read and what hasn't. Maybe some, and maybe all.

Got this idea that the kingdom needs to be opened up so the secret garden can be walked through and used for intimate conversation.

There are lots of reasons for it not the least of which is recognition some times there is strength that comes from admitting weakness.

The new position is really good, but it is hard learning shit again and there is so very much to learn. Maybe I am farther along than I think I am, but maybe I am not.

Sometimes you just want a hug and a friendly voice to say you are doing the best you can and sometimes you want crazy sex, one hell of a blow job and a chance to smile at someone and say who could have ever predicted that life would be like this.

It is one hell of a ride sometimes.

Pushing Hard

Been pushing hard in so many areas that I sometimes wonder how I continue to stand. Been working to make a better future and to get answers to ideas.

Sometimes I think about opening my arms wide to see who comes walking in of their own accord and who ignores the opportunity.

Sometimes I think fear is based upon reality but most of the time I think it is a bullshit excuse.

No risk, no rewards.

Where Love Began

Been thinking a bit that this joint isn't the precise place where love began, but it certainly contributed its share to it.

Been thinking about lots of things and wondering if my thoughts are solely mine or maybe shared in parts and places.

Submit Part 3

Ok Shmataleh, those lips will be mine again, I know cuz the Magic 8 Ball, the gypsy woman who sells Love Potion Number 9, Pasqualina and some brunette with long legs, dark eyes and whose name rhymes with yours said so.

Damn if I am not ridiculously tired, over tired for certain, Oy.

But anyway, I can't argue with the wheels of fate and destiny. woohoo!

Submit Part 2

C'mon woman, let's warm up those lips and admit that not only will it feel amazing, it will feel like no time has passed.

Submit baby.

Pallywood Posts

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