Longer Legs and Full Lips

Longer legs and full lips call out and I offer to answer. Wonder what shall cum of it.

My Shmata Queen

Some ask me to tell them about my Shmata Queen and I consider what sort of answers I wish to give about the dear woman.

There are lots stories and lots of potential answers, oh yes there are.

If you saw how she behaves with me when we are alone and she is relaxed you would be certain that there is something special there, oh yes you would.

Perhaps I'll share a tale or two, perhaps not.

One day I am certain I'll write the full story, but not today.

The Shmata Queen Asks

The Shmata Queen has unofficially asked me to remove her shmata.

I am debating whether I ought to let her ask me twice or if I should just do it and give the dear woman a reminder of what electricity feels like.

Inquiring minds want to know, but good bloggers hold back.

She'll Come

Man asks if I think she'll come and I say I am certain of it.

He asks how I can be so certain and I say I know how to touch her, always have and always will. It is chemical.

"That is great, but you have to get her to see you before she'll sleep with you."

"Oh, you thought I meant 'cum' and I meant come. Well I'll say yes to both anyway."

Man asks how I know and what if she doesn't love me anymore.

"How do you know anyone loves you. How do you know anything? You don't. She can choose to run away and keep her distance. It has happened before but she likes having me close the same way I like having her close.

That is the issue."

"I don't understand."

"And you might not ever and that is ok. There are only two people who need to understand and you're not one of them."

Still Running Down A Dream

Some would say he was running down a dream and others a fantasy.

Not him, he was certain about what was real and what wasn't which is why he dared her to kiss him and let the electricity flow without interruption.

Almost 20 years

Next week marks the 20th anniversary of the launch of this spot. Hard to believe, not many have kept going since then. I have barely kept up...