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You Are a Part Of The Social Media Revolution

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The Sea Calls

This is a piece of fiction for The Red Dress Club based upon the following prompt: This week, Carrie asked you to write flash fiction - 300 words maximum - inspired by the word "Life." “I try to be the guy I want to be when I am with her, but it doesn't work. We ran our course, sailed the sea and saw the things that we could, and now two ships sail where one should be” Several decades ago the sailor thought that he had tired of chasing the siren song of the sea and settled for a life other than he had planned. Wind and waves gave way to a land locked life that appeared to be all that he needed. Time passed and he began to hear the whispers of his former mistress calling out to him. For a long while he fought the sweet sounds of the sailor’s life and forced himself to focus upon the life that he was living. And then one day the sounds of the sea slipped their bonds and surged from his subconscious into daylight. The fiction that he had created was swept aw

Friday Night Music Madness

Love The Way You Lie - Eminem - ft. Rihanna Goodbye - Emmylou Harris The Boxer -Emmylou Harris Angel - Sarah McLachlan and Emmylou Harris Helter Skelter - The Beatles Numb/Encore - Linkin Park/Jay Z Fuck You - Cee Lo Green Your Time Is Gonna Come - Led Zeppelin Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac Rolling In The Deep - Adele Gimme Shelter - Rolling Stones

Go the F**k to Sleep - read by Samuel L. Jackson

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What Do You Want

What do you want? It sounds like a simple and relatively innocuous question. And in many ways it is. A throwaway question that we pose to our children in the hopes that they will give us an answer that is easy to fulfill. Something along the lines of, "I am hungry" or "I am thirsty" to which we can say here is an apple and a glass of water.  Quick, easy and done. But there is more to it than that. It is a deeper question as well that we can and should ask of ourselves. It is what we say when we are trying to determine what bring us happiness and fulfillment. Some people are lucky and know the answers to these questions and they don't have to ask it. Others need to explore and investigate these things so that they can make determinations and create plans to turn their wants/desires into reality. But there are other situations in which interaction between people raises questions and you ask what do you want out of curiosity and anger. You ask because their

Jack The Therapist

Not many of you are aware that the Mayo Clinic uses me as a reference. Click on the picture below and you'll see that someone tried searching for  what do i do if i don't love my husband any more. The Mayo Clinic Uses Me As a Reference Lo and behold they ended at a post called  I Don't Love My Husband Anymore .  Mind you that was a part of Fragments of Fiction which is as it sounds...fiction. If you like that kind of thing I encourage you to check it out over here . I love these keyword searches- I see them as being kind of quirky. Take a look at this ridiculous list of some of the ones that led people here: favorite song lyrics On The Outside Looking In meaning is private school worth it the heart wants what it wants quote i want to break free meaning example of a rant duggar family how to come up with a blog name call me ishmael meaning what to do with old record albums why schedule is important if i am not for myself who will be for me meaning if i a

Father's Day Dreams

I am transfixed by this video. Just can't watch it enough. Tried to describe some of it in the audio below but I don't think that I really did it justice. Still, go listen and I'll wait for you to come back: This video has my attention because it ties into the dreams of the little boy and the man that live inside my head. I watch the grace and the majesty of Michael Jordan and dream a bit of being able to play like him. But though reality dictates that is not going to happen I wonder if perhaps I might be able to be that good in other areas. Who says that I can't. Who sets limits on what I can or can't do. No one other than myself and that drives me. That motivates me to do more for myself and for my kids because there is no better role model for them than myself.. As a father that is what I want. I want them to live a life where they live their dreams and do more than they thought that they could. I want them to push themselves. I want them to reach a bit

Why Do You Blog?

  Listen on Posterous Why do you blog? Have you ever thought about it? Do you do it for fun? Is it business related? What drives you and how long do you think you will keep on doing it? Posted via email from thejackb's posterous

It Was Just Coffee

This is a post for the Red Dress Club. Normally it would appear at my primary blog , but today I felt like mixing it up. It is based upon the following prompt: We'd like you to write about what your character wants most. Which reminds me of the scene in   Good Will Hunting   when Robin Williams' character asks Matt Damon's character, Will, what he wants. And Will can't answer. Because he doesn't really know. Do you know what you want most? Does your character? Write a piece of 600 words or less Johnny looked out the window and watched his past walk into the present. He had arrived early so that he could choose a seat that would allow him to look out the window and watch the people walking by. Until a moment ago he had been unsuccessfully doing his best to distract himself with a copy of the local paper. Had you asked him to tell you why he looked up when he did he would have shrugged his shoulders but the truth was far different. For lack of a better de