June 13, 2011

Father's Day Dreams

I am transfixed by this video. Just can't watch it enough. Tried to describe some of it in the audio below but I don't think that I really did it justice. Still, go listen and I'll wait for you to come back:

This video has my attention because it ties into the dreams of the little boy and the man that live inside my head. I watch the grace and the majesty of Michael Jordan and dream a bit of being able to play like him. But though reality dictates that is not going to happen I wonder if perhaps I might be able to be that good in other areas.

Who says that I can't. Who sets limits on what I can or can't do. No one other than myself and that drives me. That motivates me to do more for myself and for my kids because there is no better role model for them than myself..

As a father that is what I want. I want them to live a life where they live their dreams and do more than they thought that they could. I want them to push themselves. I want them to reach a bit farther and a little bit higher because sometimes the difference between dreaming your life and living your dreams is that one extra push. Take one more step, try one more time and you can get there.

Sometimes when they tell me they're frustrated I remind them of what life was like when they were learning how to walk. Every time they fell down they got back up and tried again. That is what I want them to do now and forever. Fall down and get back up.

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