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That Moment

That moment where you review the resume you had professionally prepared and scream because you found multiple errors and are more than irritated. Why? Because you spent time researching various providers so that you wouldn't get stuck with some dude in Pakistan who is writing resumes for a resume mill. Your guy is certified and has lots of good things going for him and you like the meeting with him. You feel like he gets it and then when he gives you what he has gotten you wonder how he missed so many things. So you ask if your expectations were too high and wonder if moderating them would help and it does...a little. When you look at the document again you feel like it is better than the one you prepared yourself and that is a good thing, but it is not as big a difference as you want. So you start taking it apart again and in a few minutes strengthen it in multiple ways and wonder if maybe it all works because you got something better out of it. But you don't hav

Moving Again

Been way too busy lately, kids have had stuff going on and that had me occupied for a while. Other things came up and then just when I thought I was through with it all I found out I have to move...again. On to bigger and better or so we plan, hard to say how it will all work out but I am going to do my best to guide it.